Leftovers and Sour Mash

Thomas Jefferson – My Distant Relative

My Father a few years back was researching our family history and had decided to share something interesting with me. I had known that my father’s European ancestors had come from Wales in the 18th century. They had then gone west to Tennessee to finally settle in Texas early in the 19th century when Texas […]

On Tolkien and his Work’s Truest Meaning

The following is a response to a blog about a comment describing sub-creation and how Tolkien’s fantasy books were a reflection of the author and his great powers as a fantasists only. I disagreed. My words follow below….. * * * Actually, by creating his Mythopoeia, Tolkien is creating a self-referential medium that has no […]

The Fear of Words in 2020

Below are my feelings as an author on the new “fear of words” in the media, in news organization, online in social media, at universities, and in books of the past in an attempt to stop hate, racism, and bigotry. This idea of canceling and censoring opinions and ideas in America is a failed and […]