July, 2022

Author Mitchell Stokely – Book Notes 2

I would like to share with my readers a few secrets from my book, Phantammeron Book One. There is a lot of hidden things I have placed in the book for readers to ponder, many of which lead into events revealed in later books. And its these secrets that make the books so much fun […]

We Share Pieces of One Consciousness

Under idealism, one universal consciousness can become many individual minds. We may now have at our disposal an unprecedented coherent and empirically grounded way of making sense of life, the universe and everything from the point of view of both the individual and the earth as a whole if we can accept such multiple viewpoints. […]

Does Life Imitate Art?

Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw were correct: Art doesn’t Imitate Life, Life Imitates Art. As a young man I felt so much the opposite. We would draw oranges on tables, sketch trees, and thrill at the delicate outlines of a nude in art class. It felt like art came from nothing. It seemed it would […]