The World of the Phantammeron

The Phantammeron is an epic fantasy writing project started by author Mitchell Stokely in the 1980’s. His mytho-poetic work is based on extensive mythological research, ancient western history, and Indo-European cultural studies.

The Phantammeron novel series covers the history of a vast fantasy world whose creation and conflict revolves around an ancient curse unleashed by the waters of an enchanted pool. The search for a resolution to the curse and the struggles for redemption by its characters are the global themes that flow throughout all the books.

Where can I buy the Phantammeron books?

Phantammeron Book One
Phantammeron Book One

The first novel in the series, Phantammeron Book One, was released October 31st, 2015 on Amazon!

You can purchase the Paperback Book on Amazon. The paperback uses a rich warm paper, has the classic green cover, is much higher in quality, and easier to read than the eBook.

Or, you can get the free eBook on Smashwords or Amazon Kindle and save a tree!

You can also read the First Two Chapters on my website! You can also hear the First Two Chapters on YouTube under my Phantammeron Novels account.

How many books are in the series?

There will be as many as 12 books in the Phantammeron series, when I am done. So, the universe of the Phantammeron is quite large, larger than Tolkien’s Middle Earth on some levels, and grander in scope than most fantasy written today. But my interest is not in size, in linguistics and language-building, in map-making and world-building, or even single protagonist-driven plots and development. My interest is in myth-making and spiritual expression through my stories.

Why Did I Write The Phantammeron?

You can read more about the background of my fantasy novel series here: The Phantammeron Novels

In that article, I will go into more detail about the book, why it was written, the meaning of the series, and the mythology behind it. Also, please read through my numerous articles on Mythology posted in this website. I list my articles by category, date, etc. in the right-hand banner. Enjoy!

What is Myth-making and this new Writing Medium I call Mythopoeia?

My novel, The Phantammeron, is written in a strange, new style I call “mythopoeia”. This writing style is not designed to purely entertain. A “mythopoeia” is simply a spiritual, religious, or transcendent form of writing designed to share a deeper purpose, one that only its writer may choose. In my case, I am writing in a poetic prose style to convey my spiritual beliefs of the world, of people, history, and life. But surrounding that style, purpose, and meaning is a “discovery” for my readers. And it is my hope my readers will find something new in my books that takes them to a place beyond modern protagonist story-telling. It is that personal, spiritual journey that makes mythopoeia an important and powerful medium of exploration for both writers and readers alike. You may read more about this fantastic NEW medium at one of my online articles: What is Mythopoeia?

– The Author