December, 2020

The Dark Ring

One of the many subplots in the first Phantammeron novel involves a dark ring. The use of relics in fantasy should never be the main focus of story, but instead offer the reader an enticing subplot to a much grander theme. And so, I will explain how one small relic in my story is used […]

Lebor Gabála Érenn in the Phantammeron Novels

Numerous ancient texts have inspired the Phantammeron fantasy novels. One of the main ones was an ancient text from Ireland, the Lebor Gabála Érenn. In 1989 I stumbled on a copy of this strange translated tale in the old West Stacks of the Southern Methodist DeGolyer Library. I had been seeking a number of books […]

The Forest of Phantaia

Who are we but phantoms to the forest. For trees that have suffered the recent ravages of cruel Man’s greed and dominance have stood here in this cold earth since time immemorial, long before we were even born. These mammoth trees and their elders, chopped down and obliterated by us in this fleeting age of […]