Agartha and the Mythological Mind

I love all the bizarre counterculture theories, cults, secret societies, conspiracies, and mythologies Humanity has dreamed up the past 150 years. I don’t believe in most of it, but love all of it. For it is part of the vast, rich mythology found hidden in our brains. In that sense, it is all part of the deep fantasy realm our minds must chew on constantly and fashion as constructs to help us find meaning in our hollow lives.

Agartha was originally a 19th century fantasy of a place located deep in the Earth’s core where was thought a magical kingdom of many wonders and wealth was hidden, waiting to be shown to Mankind when he atoned for his sins. It wasn’t till later we learned such a mythological place from taken from Buddhist texts. For Agarthi to them was but one of many spiritual planes of existence haunted by demons and spiritual beasts.

With yet another ‘reincarnation’ of Agartha today by the so-called Flat Earth Society you have degreed, well-educated, experienced and well-off people believing in fake, phony science and the idea that there are hidden worlds beneath our feet. Even if most of this is tongue-in-cheek humor the fact that such societies and groups exist shows how degrees, money, and education have very to do with intelligence or common sense.

The fact remains that we all need to believe in the myths we construct for pleasure and entertainment. When inculcated into ancient or modern religion they then serve a higher purpose. For the mind is a factory of delusions, designed to suspend disbelief as long as it possibly can for the benefit of itself , not the facts. It’s how our abstracted minds are designed. We are simply designed to dream…..but why?

The idea of hidden worlds is as old as Mankind and nothing new. Even parts of our physics and sciences are filled with it….quantum ideas like String Theory, muliverses, alternative universes, and other themes that have no verifiable basis. These places often become enriched as more and more people add their own personal visions to them until they almost seem real. We then create new Agartha’s, cities in the sky even greater and more wondrous than before to serve our singular cultural depression and sadness we cannot succor.

I read that there are people now working to recreate in the landscape of a valley parts of Tolkien’s fantasy universe beyond just the Shire. This shows how we fashion fantasy first in the depths of our imaginations – no different than we dream of flying, creating electricity, or design buildings and highways – then our collective minds make them real in concrete and glass. Maybe we will someday build the underground Kingdom of Agartha in the earth and thus make its fantasy truly real. Such is the power, not of fantasy realms, but of the brain itself!

This is why I am enjoying writing while looking harder and harder at the personal mythological concepts that lie inside us all in fiction and myth. It’s there in so many ancient and modern forms we simply cannot deny its power and importance. We simply must believe our own truths and lies while hiding from them and the pain of knowing they are but wisps of fog and mist.

Amazing, our brains….truly the last frontier!

– the Author

Feb 20, 2017, 10:33 AM

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