June, 2021

The Kalevala and Tolkien

The Kalevala, the 19th century Finnish mythological masterpiece, was one of J. R. R. Tolkien’s major sources of inspiration for both his Silmarillion and the Elvin linguistics he later created. He even took many of his own character names directly from the Kalevala, including the recent book “Kullervo” released by the Tolkien family. This was […]

What is Evil in Fantasy?

As a writer of fantasy, we must ask the question, what is evil? It’s many things just as goodness is. It can come from one’s faith, one’s morality, one’s culture, or just an inherent sense of one’s Humanity. Often evil is that part of us that comes from some place much deeper inside, something almost […]

Eerie Story Parallels

I believe our minds work unconsciously quite often to do and achieve things we often don’t see or comprehend. And I have seen that in my own writing. Phantammeron Book One, my fantasy novel, is now published and complete (Oct. 2015). However, as I have begun to do additional rereading’s and reviews of the novel […]