June, 2017

Kala : God of Time and Death

In Western culture we have personified the idea of death in myth as the Grim Reaper. But in Hindu and East Asian stories they have a much richer conception. It is why it’s so critical as writers we look beyond our own culture for ways in which other people have used their mind’s imagination and […]

Mythology: Georges Dumézil and the Trifunctional Hypothesis

Love this guy: Georges_Dumézil  I read his stuff when I was a young man. He also studied Mythology and saw in his studies of the Indo-Europeans mythological patterns that had for thousands of years formed the basis for why Western Society has the beliefs systems, marital systems, religious construction, and political organizations it now supports. […]

Why I Dislike Comic Book Movies

I’m sorry, but I really dislike all the comic book movies created the past 10 years. The central problem with how we write and make comic book movies today is not just that they all feel the same but that we so willingly accept these hyper-violent, protagonist films that fail to inspire us. As Americans […]