Excerpts from a Dusty Tome

The Great Mother

The following is some sample writing from Phantammeron Book Two by author Mitchell Stokely. “The Great Mother whose spirit dwells far beyond this world looked down through the wasteful depths and viewed those ocean-pearls as upon a sky filled with many twinkling stars, reading in them many signs, knowing by those tears the time of […]

Phantaia Awakens

“The trees of Phantaia had awakened once more within the humid night that now embraced them. Mighty trees of beech and elm, oak and alder, stood lithe and erect within the shadowed heights, full in figure and foliage dense with leaves and limbs stretched and open to the skies. Wrapped by the Shade’s eternal night, […]

The One Tree

The following is an excerpt from Phantammeron Book One by author Mitchell Stokely. The mythological concept of a “Cosmic Tree” or World Tree is a universal archetype shared around the world by many cultures. Over thousands of years, Mankind’s association with Nature has imbibed our experiences and myths with ancient trees. This goes back to […]