Excerpts from a Dusty Tome

An of the Dreaming Seas

The following is some early writing from Phantammeron Book Two by author Mitchell Stokely. In this writing sample I go into depths about An, the sleeping Goddess of the seas. She rests at the bottom of the Dreaming Seas that encircle the Forest of Twilight in the heaven of the Fay called Phantaia. The concept […]

The Haunted Trees of Avaras

The following is an excerpt from Phantammeron Book One by author Mitchell Stokely. “The trees appeared to have many strange faces wrapped about their trunks, like that of ancient seers tortured by some unending madness. Bearded and black, with crooked noses and hollow cheeks, the largest trees seemed to bear upon their trunks the grimaced […]

Lebor Gabála Érenn in the Phantammeron Novels

Numerous ancient texts have inspired the Phantammeron fantasy novels. One of the main ones was an ancient text from Ireland, the Lebor Gabála Érenn. In 1989 I stumbled on a copy of this strange translated tale in the old West Stacks of the Southern Methodist DeGolyer Library. I had been seeking a number of books […]