Leftovers and Sour Mash

We Must Mentor Our Young Men

I read today in the news that we have declining numbers of young men in universities. The ratio is as low as 30% men to 70% women in American universities, now. Our young men are turning away from learning, from responsibilities, and even from relationships with women. Why is that, and what is missing here? […]

The Stark Failure of Modern Fantasy to Stir Us

My Comments on the movie Avengers and Game of Thrones Series follows. Such opinions are wholly my own. There is something important about our global culture today that we increasingly embrace very dark, violent, conflict-based movies and series that seem stripped of myth and emotion beyond the theme of a privileged white elite that must […]

The Dying Future of Story-Telling

I recently posted a comment online asking whether story-telling and novel writing was dead? I think it is fading away, but let me expound… Is Writing Traditional Novels Dead? This is a very good question. I think attention spans have diminished because of the Digital Age. Going forward Humanity will now be deeply dependent on […]