January, 2021

Western Mythology – This and Not This

I’ve lectured online about the idea that people in Western Cultures have a very conflicted, dualistic, fatal sense of life. Time for us is not steady, flowing like a river. Those of us descended from Ireland, England, and Europe have come from ancestors that are deeply connected to the Northern Hemisphere with its radical changes […]

Where does Fairyland Come From?

One of the hidden motivations for writing the long Phantammeron series had to do with my desire to write a rich “Creation Myth” for the origins of the archetypal place we know as Fairyland. This idea is not yet revealed in the first novel. But my original idea behind Phantaia and the Phantammeron worlds was […]

An of the Dreaming Seas

The following is some early writing from Phantammeron Book Two by author Mitchell Stokely. In this writing sample I go into depths about An, the sleeping Goddess of the seas. She rests at the bottom of the Dreaming Seas that encircle the Forest of Twilight in the heaven of the Fay called Phantaia. The concept […]