February, 2017

The Art of Poetic Prose

This idea is not original to me and I am not pretending that it is. But when I started writing what I hoped would be “higher” fantasy – something approaching a “mythic” form of expression – I naturally fell into a style I called “poetic prose”. If you start Googling the words prose and poetry […]

Living in the Age of Metamodernism

According to experts, we are now (in 2017) living in what many now call a Metamodern Age. It is a new cultural movement that has arrived on the scene in America. It’s meaning and purpose lies beyond the Modern Age of the early 20th century – where people naively believed in a hope-filled future embraced by […]

The Underdog

Americans love the underdog. As a writer this is one of the few character types even I can’t escape. The reason is simple: It’s how many of us view ourselves. In a competitive culture where success is measured by money, it makes sense that the underdog mythic type appear. Often the most successful among us […]