March, 2017

The Ancient Origins of Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty and the Beast story goes back 4000 years, according to current scholarship. This is one of the things I’ve been saying now for some time: Nothing we create in Western Culture as far as storytelling is original. We are all rehashing the same themes blindly told by thousands of people and hundreds of […]

The Courage to Stand Alone

It takes courage to stand alone for values, for goodness, for beliefs that form the foundation of who you are. For those of you who are going through hard times, having health issues, finding yourselves alone in the world, without family, hurting, a single parent (like me), maybe a parent without your kids, suffering without […]

The Mystery of the American Woods

Writing mythopoeia requires something more from authors. It is not about developing protagonists or story arcs, but about self exploration through creative writing. But mytho-poetic writing requires something more from you. It requires you connect with a larger part of your Self-hood and your imagination, delving into irrational and unconscious sides of your mind you […]