I was Darkly Dreaming

Western Mythology – This and Not This

I’ve lectured online about the idea that people in Western Cultures have a very conflicted, dualistic, fatal sense of life. Time for us is not steady, flowing like a river. Those of us descended from Ireland, England, and Europe have come from ancestors that are deeply connected to the Northern Hemisphere with its radical changes […]

The Dark Ring

One of the many subplots in the first Phantammeron novel involves a dark ring. The use of relics in fantasy should never be the main focus of story, but instead offer the reader an enticing subplot to a much grander theme. And so, I will explain how one small relic in my story is used […]

The Secret Origins Of Christmas

At the end of every year I post my YouTube lecture on Christmas. These views of Western holidays I have held for many years still haunt me; that Western culture is still caught in its annual and very primitive celebration of the Sun and the Earth Mother and their yearly cycle, such that ALL our […]