I was Darkly Dreaming

Eerie Story Parallels

I believe our minds work unconsciously quite often to do and achieve things we often don’t see or comprehend. And I have seen that in my own writing. Phantammeron Book One, my fantasy novel, is now published and complete (Oct. 2015). However, as I have begun to do additional rereading’s and reviews of the novel […]

Writing A Fantasy Novel : Life’s Last Frontier

As I’ve crossed over into the twilight of life, my Creator seems to have granted to me small bits of wisdom as to what really matters in my life. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to see that most of the things in our life that we thought were important never were. It all was […]

The Shadow

Excerpt From Phantammeron Book One by Mitchell Stokely “The Shadow then looked down at Ana with his glowing red eyes, which bulged from his sallow and sunken ebony face. With a sinister grimace, he said, “At last we meet again. Yet joyless it seems. Let it not be like a tragic family reunion, one wrecked […]