I was Darkly Dreaming

The Shadow

Excerpt From Phantammeron Book One by Mitchell Stokely “The Shadow then looked down at Ana with his glowing red eyes, which bulged from his sallow and sunken ebony face. With a sinister grimace, he said, “At last we meet again. Yet joyless it seems. Let it not be like a tragic family reunion, one wrecked […]

Antipodal Pairs of Relationships in the Phantammeron

I’m continuing my discussions on the writing of The Phantammeron. As I have mentioned before, I intentionally placed many mysteries and symbols in the book which were designed to foretell things in later books and connect back to unsolved mysteries in the initial creation stories of Book One. There are several relationships in the books […]

Western Mythology – This and Not This

I’ve lectured online about the idea that people in Western Cultures have a very conflicted, dualistic, fatal sense of life. Time for us is not steady, flowing like a river. Those of us descended from Ireland, England, and Europe have come from ancestors that are deeply connected to the Northern Hemisphere with its radical changes […]