I was Darkly Dreaming

William Blake – Forgotten 18th Century Myth-Maker

William was a largely forgotten and little-known poet in London in the late 1700’s. But we should recognize he too was a mythologist, investing heavily in his own diverse and rich personal mythology that he created from his imagination and rejection of religious and cultural norms. What I have tried to do through my Phantammeron […]

We Share Pieces of One Consciousness

Under idealism, one universal consciousness can become many individual minds. We may now have at our disposal an unprecedented coherent and empirically grounded way of making sense of life, the universe and everything from the point of view of both the individual and the earth as a whole if we can accept such multiple viewpoints. […]

The Battle of the Trees

The Battle of the TreesI have been in a multitude of shapes,Before I assumed a consistent form.I have been a sword, narrow, variegated,I will believe when it is apparent.I have been a tear in the air,I have been the dullest of stars.I have been a word among letters,I have been a book in the origin. […]