Phantaian Poetry

Phantammeron Book Two – Poetry

Amanavra As you pass through this lonely world like a fleeting phantom, in the twilight of your life shall a greater truth be known. Though few remember thy gentle face and form, nor cherish thy noble spirit of Love’s purest essence born, upon thy passing shall He alone know thy glory. The long labor of […]

Love Poem by Bentley Sloane

‘Tis Flood-Tide Time One night the rivers changed their course;the tides swept in where marshlands lay.The floods of love had found their source;My heart was full, the skies were gay. The stars burned closer to the earth,The winds of evening sang to me.I found her whom my love gave birth,We touched our lips, our souls […]

More Phantaian Poetry

I have posted several pieces of my poetry in the website this year. Most of them, like this one, were written around 1989-1992, and represent a time in my youth when I was exploring a connection between my feelings about the wild woods in Louisiana, and the Phantammeron book. The meaning is directly tied to […]