The Bizarre Nature of Dimensions

This article continues my new thought experiments in a concept I call “Dimensional Physics”. No, this is not about my fantasy novels. But its impact on fantasy, fiction, and other realms of the Imagination I may connect back to at a later time. Is this more mental obscura from a delusional author? …maybe, but maybe not…

I apologize ahead of time for any ignorance I might have about modern physics. This article is meant only to explore a new possibility that just might solve some mysteries in modern physics, including the incomplete Standard Model, quantum, and others. I do not intend for this to be a solution to any Unified Field Theory just yet. But it just might be. If you are interested, please read on.

Our Three Dimensional World

We live in a three dimensional world (3d). That much is true. As light, energy, and matter exists in this Universe of ours, Time is added to this spatial 3d model, which for some creates the so-called 4th dimension. But I argue Time is not a 4th dimension but a feature of our 3d one.

I argue that we are trapped between a two dimensional (2d) world and fourth dimensional (4th) one, each lesser one propping up the greater. Just as a single point in an abstract cartesian model supports a flat 2d piece of paper, a 2d model supports the space that appears in a 3d world. I also see that all dimensions appears to be locked into our own 3d model in ways that fully explain such things as our physical laws, wave-particle theories, gravity, light, energy, and more in such a way that might open our eyes to a new physics. Let me explain…

Light and energy exists abstractly in our 3d world as both a wave of light and a particle or photon. But such energy must also exist in a single particle or energy position along a 2d grid that crosses through our 3d sphere called the Universe. A wave of light would be one point of light energy in the 2nd dimension. A particle would be its single point of existence at one moment in time in that same plane. To a 3d observer, objects or light appear to us as long extensions of light rays with endless waves, which in an abstract since are all the slices of that object in the 2d plane extended out into our own across both space and time. So a rock that exists as but a slice of itself in the 2d dimension, to us in the 3rd dimension, exists in 3d. We can hold all the slices of the 2d rock and see its whole existence and every slice or state as a whole in the 3d realm. But in the 2d world, its matter or energy can only exists as a brief point in time as its slices move through the 2d spatial realm. Cool, huh?

To a being in the 4th dimension looking into our 3d dimension, they would be able to see the full length of our lives as a single object they could turn in their hands like a globe. A being in the 5th dimension would see the 4th as a flat object as well, yet hold its whole state of birth and death like a rock in its hands. Like humans in the 3d world holding objects that are flat in the 2nd – they could see our lives from beginning to end. We would appear as dots on a screen that appear then disappear. As you go up the dimensions these abstractions get simpler and more abstract.

This is the framework or foundation for Dimensional Physics and their interactions that explain this new physics.

With Dimensional Physics I feel it just might start to explain many things. Einstein’s relativity concept can or should be layered onto the multi-dimensional Universe, and all the dimensions that prop it up. Our 3d version is simply a lower level one from many dimensions that appear above us, which ties back to everything beling relative. No upper dimensional can exist without the one beneath it. And so the 2nd dimension props up our 3rd, and becomes the very foundation for what we experience in physical laws.

There are clearly higher level dimensions above us that are supported by the lower level ones. That fact is true simply because of the way we are impacted by things in the 2d plane or flat sphere inside our own. Energy, light, and matter in the 2d realm seem to be seen or experienced as slices of things that can appear then die then reappear on an atomic level in some test cases. This means energy and matter must also appear and die in the 2d layer to the 3d realm. This further implies quantum particles exist and die in the 2d layer as we experience them. They do not or cannot exist forever in a single point in the 2d plane. If they do, because we are moving along that plane in a 3d world, would disappear as our plane of reference in the 3d plane shifts and moves through these slices of energy. I argue the illusion is this permanent expression of matter we experience, because we dominate so much of that 2d plane in space and time. So light and energy held in these particles appear permanent, but in fact are not.

Think of our 3d experience with the 2d world as being in a dark room, then suddenly we turn on a light bulb and light stretches across the room to hit our eyeballs. That however is seen as refracted waves of multiple energy points impacting our eyes from any angle as we move through the 2nd dimension in a 3d dimension. Now imagine that instead of a lightbulb, the light is a highly polarized pointed laser immenating from a single tiny point in the darkness. Other than collisions in its light waves that refract out, if such a source is truly polarized light, it’s possible for that single laser point would be invisible to us until suddenly our eyes walk directly into its single point along a matrix within the 3d space. That is the 2nd dimension at work! And it is what 2d energy is or at least seems to be to 3d observers. If we aren’t perfectly aligned with its points of light they do not exist!

What’s fascinating about my Dimensional Physics Theory is it now explains SO MANY UNEXPLAINED mysteries in not only physics, but general ideas of life, both physical and spiritual.

Let me go on…

If matter is just energy on a subatomic, quantum level, and is deeply rooted in a flat 2d plane we experience, then this means there is lots of unseen matter and energy trapped in this 2d realm, that we simply do not see as its flat points of reference are not aligned with our own at some point in space. In other words, it’s highly probable that a quantum particle and its spin and measurable wave only exists in one tiny 2d plane or point or wave at a time. But surely the 2d plain hides its other waves and spins?

Because we are aligned at some point with with one point of the 2d realm at that moment, we can only see and measure its one wave. When spin shifts or alters, its possible we are NOT seeing the same particle or 2d point but a new 2d wave of the same point in another slice of 2d space. This is likely because again, 2d flat space cannot exist or rather be seen and measured everywhere in our 3d realm, simply because we are moving through it. Yet, all the 2d expressions of a single point of light are only seen in our 3d realm when moving through it. We then see all the slices of that 2d point appearing across 3d space. That is what light waves must be. An expression of 2d space as seen in 3d space. That is why we cannot see or experience every slice of the light beam across all times and all space. Our eyeballs absorb only a sliver of a series of frames of the light, like a motion picture film portrays.

That then goes back to the perfect idea of Dimensional Physics as being an expression of limited interactivity between two abstract dimensional worlds.

This has HUGE implications for understanding our Universe, I feel. Seeing the Laws of Physics atomically from the view of 2d-3d dimensions opens up a new realm for what we might be testing, measuring, and experiencing! Here are a few more ideas based on this 2d dimensional realm. What if matter as energy is made up of infinite frames of 2d points existing, shifting, or dying out then appearing in new points along a 2d plain, but moving through our limited frame of reference in our 3d realm?

This implies that matter like light beams are leaving one 2d slice to transfer to a new 2d slice or array of points along a giant two dimensional grid. This then provides the illusion of energy having a permanent existence, but in the 2d realm are simply transferring to new points in the 2d plain. Most of this we can see in the larger macro world, but not in the micro or quantum one where such points are finally measurable. This must mean that a New Physics Law explaining this 2d frame shift is what we are missing.

What causes particles or “points” in 2d space to move along such a plane? How do these 2d movements connect back to the speed of light, since that value seems to hold all the 2d frames in the wave patterns? Are the peaks of waves in energy the phase shifts in 2d plains? If that is true that wave value must connect back to the frame shifts in electron spins and shifts in quantum particle physics we seem to be able to capture and measure, but then appear random over time, which is what moves us through the static 2d realm of energy.

This would explain quantum entanglement, too. What we might be seeing is the 2d realm showing us the same particle, not an entangled particle, disappearing in one point, moved to a new point or cartesian point on the abstract 2d grid within our own. Could it then be the same particle? No energy is lost, nothing is impacting other particles. We are simply divining the SAME PARTICLE on the 2d grid. If this is true, where and why are so much of the matter we see hidden inside the 2d grid of space and remaining unseen?

One theory I had to tie all this together using my Dimensional Physics idea is the concept of gravity as a force directly tied back to the hidden plane of 2d physics and the movement of these energy particles across it. Matter then becomes but a permanent macro expression of energy locked in the 2d grid my gravity. Gravity must be the distributing 2d force that underlies the movement of 2d particles across space.

Imagine the 2d realm as a flat surface of a globe wrapped around and inside our own 3d realm, in an abstract visual. At every place here gravity and mass exists is a dense mass of particles or points on this 2d flat global surface. When a star collapses forming a black hole, the density of 2d particles on this surface model would pull and collect more points in this 2d plane into it. Where can it go, but outward in a sphere or circle or along an “inner wave” along both axis of the second dimension. This would explain the appearance of black holes to 3d viewers. All that energy or matter spins outward from the interior, unseen or measured by our 3rd dimension world as those points on the 3d plane are not seen or experienced from our narrow point of reference. They no longer reflect into our 3d world They are only seen at the edges where light or energy is thrown back out along the edges of the black hole singularity from the 2d flat plane into the 3d one again. Flattened energy does not exist in our world. Its simply flat. The black center of a black hole is a perfect expression of the 2d realm devoid of energy yet having flat space. If our 3d realm were to ever collapse back to the 2d realm this is what we would see….a flat 2d black void, crunched down to paper thin infinity, with no ability for energy to exist into a 3rd dimension!

In this sense, the 2d realm is a mirror for our own. But the mirror can also collapse back to a mirror that reflects nothing in a flat 2d plane that sees only itself when the 3d world collapses.

What this implies is that gravity is a constant defined by the total pull of the universe distributed across a global flat 2d plain. Somehow the volume and the circumference of this abstract 2d globe would factor into some equation about gravity, and the quantum particles we see going into and out of existence along alignments of spins in their 2d expression all connected to a tiny piece of that universal gravity constant. In other words, I bet the force that pulls them between spins, just like the tops of waves in electromagnetic waves, all appear and disappear with this gravitational 2d pull of gravity on a micro scale.

What we then end up with from Dimensional Physics models is our 3d realm trapped between these abstract realms of 2d and 4d, with the fluid movements of matter and energy into and out of our known world through simply recycled energy that appears to prop up the dimensional relationships between the second and 4th dimension that sustain our own.

How could science prove my theory? For starters, I think gravity is impacting and distorting all Quantum particle experiments made on Earth. That means people are unable to measure true atomic spins and particle experiments as long as gravity is impacting them! That might be explaining the so-called random spins seen, as the 2d world is sucking such particles and their spin plane away before we can measure what is truly occuring. This would perfectly explain randomness in quantum physics…yet in a world that is not random if measured accurately in a 2d world!

A Collider in Deep Space Away from Gravity is Needed

I think it could be proven first by doing particle collision in an ultra-cold, vacuum of space FAR FROM THE GRAVITATIONAL PULL OF ALL SOLAR SYSTEMS where gravity is as close to zero as possible, such that gravity is not dragging particles into and away from the measurements. Maybe we need to build a collider on a dark, alien planet far from any known star? I believe in such an experiment, we would then see we can detect a particle that is 99% predictable in its spin, electrons seemingly almost frozen in one direction, but nudging it, we see its twin appear instantly with a new soin from the existence of the 2d plain. We then would prove, that gravity is in fact shift unlimited points of reference to that particle in the 2d plane, making it impossible to every measure it accurately. That then connects gravity back to that 2d planar force I described earlier.

Lastly, this brings up the true mystery of why space is expanding, why its expanding, and how. My theory implies that the 2nd dimension that props up our 3d version must be expanding as well, which implies it is a bubble with energy that gravity is drawn back into or pushing against. If my theory of gravity is correct, at the point of a black hole, the 2d force is distributing energy and particles unseen outward around its global plane. That unseen energy is then distributed out as new dark energy.

This 2d growth or expansion also implies the 2d grid or matrix inside our own is adding new spatial points into our own. This then means energy is added or if not a 2d spatial grid is doubled. That could then be the source of our mystery dark energy, which explains the expanding space problem we are measuring!

When a black hole expands, its expanding, not from the energy it consumes, but the expansion of 2d space into our 3d space. Certainly, that should be a constant we can measure. That force could be locked back into a gravitational constant that has a force that just might be directly controlled by 2d expansion. Such a thought is very possible. This new force explaining how and why energy appears to shift into new points that seem permanent, but then suddenly are pulled from our site like random particles, appearing again with new spins or states in a parallel reality, now can be easily explained. It’s simply our strange interactions with 2d energy we are experiencing!


I hope you enjoyed my thought experiments surrounding what I call Dimensional Physics. I will leave you with one last abstract thought.

We seem trapped in a sphere of existence, but one that implies there MUST be others both above and below us. Im convinced this is true, as the chaining of these dimensions from 1d to 3d is easily explained now. But what would that imply about a 4th, 5th, 6th dimension? It would imply that Dimensional Physics now explains not just our energy state, space, and time, but that of other dimensions higher up. We could and should now assume beings of intelligence or at least some existence have some view into our own in a way that is certain and implied by the nature of the physics.

For example, a 5th dimension of beings, Gods, or angels would see our own lives as a single point of light that appears as from a distant star and then dies out or fades, much as we see a single gleam of light from a dying star far away/ It appears as a point on a plane, ironically. As you go higher up in dimensions, those points of energy or matter in our universe then disappear and become but flat points on a map that appear and are gone instantly to 5th or 6th dimensional beings. And even higher dimensions of god-like beings might see our own time and space as a whole, as but a brief series of mirrors, only seen when scrolling and looking upon a single tiny brief moment of time in their own dimension. This concept blows my mind, as it seems to imply a beautiful but transient multi-dimensional universe that impacts many others, including the joy, beauty and essence of all others that becomes important in some grand architecture from the very living essence of the energy of our own.

That the beauty of your brief life seems as a glorious star in another dimension means you truly are valuable and impactful in that grander scheme.

  • Mitchell Stokely, author of the Phantammeron

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