“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein

More and more we live in a world where facts matter and yet are ignored. On the political stage many are forcing social media sites to question the facts, their own authority, and to investigate every thing ever typed on their platforms. The mythology of the mind is on full display!

It would seem what the world needs now more than anything is truth tellers and fact finders. But what we truly need are those who can ignore the facts. We need imaginary children, the next generation that will come.

We don’t value imagination, we value Realism. And that’s why our entertainment system is suffering and why so many cultures around the world use technology to steal ideas. It’s why so many movies today get terrible ratings.

I also write software for a living. It is driven by facts….you get the facts wrong in programming and you get in trouble fast. And yet in software, like writing, music, and art, there is a facet of imagination that can take a simple program away from just solving problems to interfacing with the human imagination and its desire to use tools to do more.

I encourage all students to abandon the facts and travel the lonely path of possibilities like Einstein did. Being good at recording the facts will make you the best in your class, an A+ student, a MENSA-level genius, and popular. But it can never make you the great person that inspires, one who changes an artistic or scientific Domain. It is the strange, rejected, isolated, lonely people who reject the world and popular culture and seek to rebuild it in a new image that truly alter the world for good…..people like Albert Einstein.

Just remember that kiddos. Because changing the face of the world is what will make the world a better place, not being the best at it.

Be a rebel and treasure your gifts. Don’t be scared to defy society, to be rejected socially, to be alone, to be different. Because you are more than the cancel culture, constrained, groupthink we have today in America in 2021. You are more than a groupie, a family member, a student, someone’s wife or husband, some companies loyal employee. You are more than the sum of social relationships and roles.

You are also a gifted, spirited individual with potential and passion to change the world in your image. Its not about achieving fame or money, either. Its simply about changing the world to fit your inspired views of it and enjoying the passion you have for your interests. In the end the world will love you for your courage to change it instead of following it online to fit in.

That is the singular reason America is superior to every other country around the world…..we take risks. We aren’t scared to go against the grain like China and Russia and India. We celebrate difference and relish its power. We just have a narrow-minded Republican Party that forgot that.

So travel the long dark dusty road…..alone. Follow your imagination. Follow the possibilities. Don’t be scared to follow your passion, not just your dreams. Do what you love and obsess about it. Imagination is all you have left outside the cold facts of the world that bombard us daily. Your Imagination is who you are and what you make of your life and the future you choose to make.

– the Author

Created Nov 4, 2018, 10:23 AM

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