January, 2019

How I Miss Early Edition Dungeons and Dragons

The history of role-playing games the past 30 years has been fraught with failed re-invention. I would say more new games have failed today than past ones. Why? The history of Dungeons & Dragons since the 1970’s has radically changed – I argue for the worst. It’s become so complicated and focused on realism, power […]

Antipodes in Myth

Western writing is filled with the eternal battle between light and dark, good and evil. The same holds true for our politics, sports, religions, and cultures. As I’ve lectured about on my Mythopoeia video series on YouTube, this battle of opposites originates directly from Northern Hemisphere sun and earth worship, and our ancestors mythic reflections […]

The Moral Failure of 21st Century Film

I’ve been engaged in a really interesting debate about why and how Star Wars’ most recent film(s) seem to be fading in terms of being a major cinematic force today. The current debate says its due to bad directing, bad writing, too much PC influence, too much cultural inclusivity, a failed moral relativism between the […]