Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

The Creator in Mythopoeia

One of the wonderful things you get to explore when you write fantasy fiction (as Mythopoeia) is the concept of the Creator or “divine will” in your books. Writing my own Mythopoeia, the Phantammeron, taught me so much about the idea of God and what that means to me theologically, not just in fabricating the […]

Author Mitchell Stokely – Book Notes 1

As I completed my first novel in the fall of 2015, Phantammeron Book One, I saw that the story bad begun to write itself. It’s odd how often that has worked, at times. But as I filled in the missing elements, there were a few ideas that seemed to say something meaningful beyond the book. […]

In Search of the Earth Mother : Norse Gods Frigga and Baldur

Of all the articles I have written on Modern American culture and its hidden connections to the past, this article continues to grow in my mind as something having the most weight in proving my theories about the hidden and lasting presence of the Earth Mother and our worship of the Sun in Modern Western […]