Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

Where does Fairyland Come From?

One of the hidden motivations for writing the long Phantammeron series had to do with my desire to write a rich “Creation Myth” for the origins of the archetypal place we know as Fairyland. This idea is not yet revealed in the first novel. But my original idea behind Phantaia and the Phantammeron worlds was […]

The Forest of Phantaia

Who are we but phantoms to the forest. For trees that have suffered the recent ravages of cruel Man’s greed and dominance have stood here in this cold earth since time immemorial, long before we were even born. These mammoth trees and their elders, chopped down and obliterated by us in this fleeting age of […]

Discussion: What is Phantaia?

Many of my readers may wonder about Phantammeron Book One (2015), and the meaning of the story portrayed in the book. Even though the first book was a Creation Story, a large part of the meaning behind the novel and the overall series lies in the twilight forest called Phantaia. A major motivation for writing […]