Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

The Myth of Bitcoin

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream” – Edgar Allen Poe I love this quote by Poe written some 200 years ago or so, because it perfectly encapsulates Mankind’s Mythological Mind and his eternal quest for meaning in a meaningless world. To see one’s life and all life as […]

The Age of Innocence in the Phantammeron

In Book One of the Phantammeron, chapter 10, there is a scene where the young girl Ana arrives upon a hill riding the unicorn called Phanyan. That fairy tale scene ends in the middle of the Forest of Twilight upon a high hill. She then shields her eyes as she witnesses the spectral beauty of […]

Where does Fairyland Come From?

One of the hidden motivations for writing the long Phantammeron series had to do with my desire to write a rich “Creation Myth” for the origins of the archetypal place we know as Fairyland. This idea is not yet revealed in the first novel. But my original idea behind Phantaia and the Phantammeron worlds was […]