Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

Discussion: What is Phantaia?

Many of my readers may wonder about Phantammeron Book One (2015), and the meaning of the story portrayed in the book. Even though the first book was a Creation Story, a large part of the meaning behind the novel and the overall series lies in the twilight forest called Phantaia. A major motivation for writing […]

Gildas the Wise

One the last things I researched before I started my Phantammeron novels was a series of very old Latin texts. These old manuscripts were written in Britain right after the Romans left the island around 410 AD. It’s a long story, but basically Britain had fallen into chaos after the last Roman Consuls and legions […]

The Hero Journey

The concept of the Hero Journey (or ‘monomyth’) exists all over the world in folklore, myth, and religion. Joseph Campbell has shown us the experience of the hero-journey itself is purely psychological and based on the need for the Self to explore the truth of the inner self or unconscious in its constant quest for […]