Could Dimensional Physics Be the Key to a Unified Field Theory in Physics?

Pietà (artist, Michelangelo)

My mother, Suzanne Stokely, passed away about a year ago. I was all alone with her at the hospice, holding her hand the night she passed away. But last night I had a dream where an angel came to me. She was holding something shining in her hands and told me it was the light of my mother’s spirit from beginning to end. She had had a good life and influenced many people, she said. The angel then smiled and told me she was from another dimension above ours and could see all things in ours from beginning to the end of time. And she told me not to fear.

It was a strange dream but very moving and calming. But it left me shaken with so many feelings. So many thoughts about life and the universe and my mother. Most of all, I knew my mother was in a good place. But when I awoke, I had an epiphany. I realized something important. And that is the subject of this strange little article.

I had always been an armchair physicist. In highschool, I let the big brains in the class sit in the front row while I chewed on my pencil eraser in the back. As an insecure teenager, I knew I would never go into physics or ever enjoy the field. Still, it was an interesting class. Yet I remember I got the highest grade in the midterm exams, acing it with a 97. I guess I had some casual curiosity, at the time.

What this dream told me is that there is not just a spiritual realm around our own, but something important left unexplained exists in our 3-dimensional world that this angelic figure suggested might be important in our understanding of our place in the universe. It made me realize that we truly are “trapped” in a 3-dimensional universe, experiencing but a slice of time as the 4th dimension, yet despite our best efforts, unable to move beyond the space or time elements of it. And yet beings above our own might see into this universe as a whole, from beginning to end. This suggested to me maybe we too are looking down upon a 2-dimensional plane that both sustains us yet holds some answers to the mystery of our being, much as the angels above might interact with us

I am suggesting a new type of Dimensional Physics is needed here that might hold some answers. Yes, I am ironically back in the back of that high school classroom again…

Scientists continue to be baffled by the physics and the physical world even today in 2023, unable to connect gravity, Einstein’s macro world of matter, time, space, relativity, and energy with today’s quantum particle physics, still struggling with quantum experiments where particles are smashed and people watch subatomic particles fly off in patterns on screens….particles of energy they hope to someday understand and predict.

…and yet, the Standard Model in Physics of the 1970’s remains unchanged and unchallenged! Why?

Then there is entanglement, which pre-supposes that two particles interacting when separated by great distances, can influence the state of the other when measured. Yet few see the bias in those experiments, since the act of measuring disrupts all output with energy. This is why I have said, Superdeterminism still stands tall!

But I pose the questions…what if living in the 3rd dimension traps us in limited interactions with the 2nd dimensions and that dependency explains all of our missing physics? Like the angel looking down on our lives, we must be the angels looking down on the two dimensional plain of energy that exists all around us. And knowing and understanding that might be the breakthrough we need to truly explain the missing pieces. It just might be the case.

Concepts from a Neophyte Armchair Observer

Light travels in waves through space, yet exhibits particle characteristics. The photon in light seems to vibrate in light waves. But what if light was but a single point of energy in the 2-dimensional world, a static photon, but when expressed in the 3rd dimension, our dimension its now riding a 2-dimensional wave in the 3rd dimension….ours? This means something new and begins to explain the mysteries of physics, matter, and all of energy. Could we be trapped in a 3rd dimension that interacts with the flatter 2nd, and that explain all of what we experience, not just with 2d light waves, but all of matter, space, and energy as well?

You see, the 2nd dimension is an abstract place. It presents a flat plane, like a piece of paper. To a being in the 3rd dimension, 2-D object appear as “slices” of themselves. If there were beings in the 2-d world they would appear to us as unmoving static slices of objects, possibly moving along the x-y axis but noting more. From the 3-d world, we can’t touch their lives beyond a timeless point or rather a 2-d point on a flat plane. Like the angels in a higher dimension that see and hold the time extensions of our full lives in their hands, a 3rd dimensional human being can see and hold the 3d representations or flat 2d beings in our hands. Yet infinitely static, timeless, unmoving slices in time and space, though they may seem dead, something alive lives there. Energy.

We can see all the slices combined as a whole moving through time in a two dimensional world. A being above our own dimensional would see the same for us, and the being above them, the same again, but seeing all of time and space as a single point. (Is your mind blown yet?). A being in the 4th dimension would see our 3rd dimension flattened by time, as slices in time combined as one object, yet hold the birth and death of the universe and our points of light within it, of any light beam, and any person or thing, as a whole object.

Thus the Almighty “Hand of God” that holds all things, and the omnipotent Mind of God is expressed beautifully in this dimensional paradigm, a divine being t the top of a grand layered multi-dimensional tree.

Yet we remain stuck in the 3rd dimension, influenced by the 4th which is time, yet unable to travel or experience it, as is known and predicted. Only our memories hold that magic to see the whole of time. So our memories of say our loved ones are the only things truly transcending time. Science and technology can never give us that. And so our minds are truly 4th dimensional.

But it is not what 4th dimension or 5th dimensional angels or aliens might see looking down upon us that matters. (I will leave that for the fortune tellers and mystics.) It’s what we experience in physics using this new dimensional model I am suggesting that is the key. Solving the mystery of say gravity or particles that come in and out of existence, or how matter and energy interact, is what we don’t fully understand. I think Dimensional Physics might solve it!

This dream got me seeing of our 3-d universe as a great sphere, both physically as three dimensionally but also as one layer of an giant onion, with the 2-d world beneath (and yet inside) ours, and a single point or 1-d world being the core of this grand dimensional globe beneath the 2nd. Outward, the dimensions would stretch out to infinite dimensions. But the 4th, 5th, and infinite dimensions would be outer layers of this abstract globe above our own. We thus are truly trapped in a single layer of this model, yet propped up by the 2nd dimension that seems to form a wall or barrier.

Take this thought experiment about dimensions…

The 2nd dimension interacts with our world as follows…energy in that dimension are not just flat shapes or particles but “points”, static placeholders of light or objects beneath us that contain energy, flat planar space, and which mirror our own energy in our own 3-d space as we interact with it.

That seems to be true. Yet expressed in our dimension, these 2-d particles suddenly stretch through time and space as flat 2-d waves….infinite slices changing and exhibiting characteristics in our space compared to their static representations or slices in the 2-d. Photons are just a dynamic, moving expression of the single photo in the 2-d plane. They are slices of light expressed as waves moving through space. That implies in its purest sense, the 2-d plain beneath us holds a single particle that comes in and out of existence in order to support the waves and changes of energy experienced in this dimension. That is a light bulb inspirational moment, you agree?

What if pure light waves, say from a polarized laser, are pure expressions of these 2-d light particles approaching a truly flattened 2-d state? What powers does that imply now for such polarized light and its ‘decoupling’ from 3-d to 2-d energy as such forms change and become purer? (more on this later)

This means in theory that the light we see are combinations of 2-d waves combined and expressed in our 3-d world as moving waves of energy. But PURE polarized 2-d light say from a perfect laser would approach characteristics of pure 2-d points upon its own plain, such that eventually no eyes in this dimension could every see them. Thus in theory such directed beams could disappear from our 3-d world if true expressions of 2-d energy. In theory, such a perfect polarized light wave should turn invisible, disappear to any 3-d viewer but one aligned in perfect harmony with the 2-d world looking upon its single point. All this might explain nuclear fusion done with targeted lasers, as they are now impacting a single planar point of directed energy imitating on the 2-d matter that exists there.

In essence, light and energy must go somewhere. In this perfect 2-d energy experiment this must mean that some energy, light, even matter must run parallel along the flat 2-d plane that exists in abstraction between the 2nd and 3rd dimension, when not interacting or cross across the 3-d universe we experience. This infinite yet invisible energy, unable to enter either dimension, would travel around the 2-d sphere, creating space yet unable to enter either dimension. Yet this now might explain the mystery of space and how energy disperses and creates space, even.

Could this be the non-distributed energy trapped between dimensions, be Dark Matter, that which creates space and time?

Let’s add gravity to this theory. When a star like our Sun dies, in many cases it no longer has energy enough to hold its own gravity. Remember that gravity is an expression of matter in a 3-dimensional space, as it warps space, and by definition, time as well. When a star collapse, because if its great mass pulling in on itself it can form a hyper-dense neutron star, a white hot super dense object that has powerful gravitational pull. Some of these stars then collapse further into infinite mass and infinite gravity, losing their matter but becoming black holes.

All this must have something to do with 3-d space collapsing into 2-d flattened planes. If dimensional physics holds that 3-d cannot become 2-d, but 3-d is an expression of 2-d planes, it would appear that black holes are an expression of 2-d energy dispersal at work. As matter moves from 3-d space by gravity into its 2-d representation, because flat 2-d can only hold a single energy point along its vast grid, matter and gravity as a force must go somewhere. And it appears it does… moves outward into that strange region I mentioned earlier….moving along the infinite plan between the two dimensions. Like a relief valve. And so it forms some hidden energy….which I theorize is the creation of space itself.

This means the 2nd dimension acts as a mirror to our own dimension and its forces pushing against it. We can never penetrate the 2nd dimension, but we seem trapped by it. The lightless realm of black holes where gravity has collapsed is nothing but the 3rd dimension collapse into the flat 2nd realm where no light may reflect back. The lightless center is but a mirror of the 2d space that has no third dimension to hold light or energy that cannot be seen unless travelling through our dimension. We are view a true 2-d space when we look into a black holes center. Notice its not a single point, but a flat empty plane. So this is now explained.

What I theorize is the 2-d void is a flat empty plane to our eyes, but the force of gravity is equalled in a force from that plane pushing back…..a black hole from the other dimension exerting an equal force against it.

But where does this energy go that gets sucked into black holes? If it meets a flat 2-d plane it must moves outward in the perfect abstract space between dimensions I mentioned earlier where light and energy exist but cannot be seen by us. This then forms massive gravity or force waves ripply between both dimensions, and that would be what we partially detect. At some point these waves of light reflect back off the 2-d plain where the forces between planes resume their interactions again and that explains the gamma and huge xrays seen as 2-d waves reflecting back into the 3-d realm again around the black holes singularity or edge.

What we are experiencing in black holes is a perfect mirror of our two dimensions at play and yet in conflict, honoring the forces that keep our two realms locked together in a dance and propped up. they cannot exist without each other.

This dance of 2nd and 3rd dimensions appears to explain energy, which must either be a point in 2d particle physics expressed as a wave in this realm, or transform into that dark energy parallel space continuum where zero energy and light must travel unseen. So could gravity be this transformational agent?

We might now see gravity as a force pulled on 3d matter back into its 2d form. But that would imply there is a parallel pull from our dimension on the 2d against it that creates space. And that force must be the dark energy trapped between the 2nd and 3rd dimension that is born and dies whenever energy, matter, etc between the two gets dispersed. In other words, gravity collapse into the mirror of 2-d space and disperses outward along its abstract plain. If that expansion is dark energy, then gravity feeds it. But the 2nd dimension, ironically, creates 3-d space for us that way.

The implications of my theory could be tested. If dimensional physics is expressing these two interactions, there must be some ways to test or quantify the energy lost from say a collapsing star, the returned energy as light, gamma, xray, and the missing energy a value equal to the dark energy trapped in the universe as a sum total value. This hidden layer between both dimensions and what it holds could then be measured as the sum total of all gravitational pull and mapped back to the sum total of all matter. That energy should have a force, but be quantified as space or waves or new space expanding into ours.

If we could quantify that lost energy, that then would we a new global constant equal to the expected gravitational pull of gravity in all known matter.

This might also explain quantum particles coming back from 2-d space into 3-space. The 2-d space implies all particles or energy as being static energy particle or points along a vast 2-d plane. But they would exhibit 2-d waves or flat spins in this 3-realm. If we are measuring electron spins along various angles, we might be seeing a new particle for every angle measured, the old one disappearing back into the 2-d realm or the interval between dimensions mentioned above. In both cases. they do not die, but are shadowed by the 2-d interaction with the 3-d. as I mentioned earlier.

This implies quantum particles also are trapped by the dimensional play, the same as gravity. We might be seeing a point of zero gravity where it meets the 2-d plain, as particles experience non-esxistance at such points. It might be in particle physics, where a particle as expressions of a single point 2-d space disappears from view because we altered the plane, replaced with an adjoining particle that appears in a neighboring 2-d plan that expressed the next rotation. This easily would explain in quantum physics why particles appear to die and reappear. And it might explain entanglement, as what we are seeing isn’t the same particle but two particles coming into and out of existence from the 2-d plane into our 3-d plane.

All that is left from my thought experiments would be to test my zero energy theory where the dimensions meet in that abstract boundary, where energy that travels between our two dimensions, the point at which perfect polarized 2-d light from say a laser disappears from the 3-d plane, and is also the relief valve for gravity dispersal through space that is unseen or experienced.

If true, this new dimensional model implies gravity cannot grow nor die but is the true source of the very space we experience, travelling out and away through space through this magical infinite layer between two worlds. This means it could wrap around the base of this inner dimensional sphere I described as waves, yet stretching out beyond the 2-d sphere, holding up space and time.

Black holes are a large visual expression of this thought experiment, generating some of this dark energy as they collapse onto the 2-dimensional plane, spreading out and bounce offing the 2 dimensional realm, like a mirror, throwing out gamma rays from that mirror, but distributing their gravity as waves both out into our dimension but also across the middle realm we cannot see or measure between the two. This might explain the interactions we see and measure, yet cannot fully explain.

Finally, let me leave you with one last crazy idea….you do not have to believe in God or angels or that which we can never measure or prove. But we can pose the question….if the Universe is this dimensional construct, each layer propping up the one above it, as the physics implies, then as Humans we are propping up the 4th, 5th, and higher dimensions, too with both energy, time, and space, so that not only “higher energy forms” may dwell or live in dimensions above us, but which can also see our whole lives at a glance, as God may do at the top of such a multi-dimensional plane. In a strange way they all depend on us to even Be. Even God may depend on us. Thus, the mystery of our existence is not explained as caged animals cast down into some cruel experience to be tested or punished by karma or good deeds, but loving, thriving, growing energy existing in some divine architecture where we are part of its grand construction and being.

In summary, I am proposing that the 2nd dimension pushes against us, that much is clear. But it’s also a mirror of our dimension and part of us lives in it. It sustains our 3rd dimension and this our Universe. That must mean our lives and what we do and achieve here in this world truly does depend up yet support the dimensional energy of the whole, as well as the many spirits of all those above us.

That implies a new Spiritual Truth for Human Beings living today, a power and purpose to our lives you should reconsider. That your life and joy influences the very life of infinite angels about you, if even partially truth, should put a pep in your step and add the great Joy of Life that the Wisdom of so many ancients of the past have expressed and asked us to reconsider at every moment of our lives.


– Mitchell Stokely, Author

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  1. Hi Suzy, thank you for your lovely message. Working on a reservation must have been an amazing experience for you! The native people have a deep connection to the Earth, the animals, and Nature. Their stories and views are admired by all great mythologists, including my favorite, Joseph Campbell who has read their stories on camera many times. Their stories seem to have a mythological mystery power no other culture can convey, yet oddly connect to our modern people, as well. As a young person I visited the pueblos in NM and loved it so can relate. Maybe you can share your experiences online or in a book? Let me know if you do I would like to read them. Take care and good luck to you. – Mitchell

  2. Suzy says:

    Hi Michael, I just read your article. And am going to read it again. I listen your YouTube on Mythopoeia… you are so correct about our deeply materialistic age.. very dense! Recently I stumbled upon George Macdonald’s Lilith. Strange as it may seem I LISTENED to it many times… going deeper and deeper with each listen. Sometimes I’d listen when preparing dinner, out walking or simply when I wasn’t sleeping well and it has totally rearranged my mind regarding fairy tales. I’m just starting my 7th decade and spent my adult working life as a western medicine nurse…and when computers became so essential for much of our work I slowly retired. I did work on a Native American reservation for 10 years and that experience changed my life… all the wonderful stories, the sweat lodges, the healing ceremonies etc. I just wanted to let you know there are many of us who are realizing how essential myths and fairy tales are to healing our culture….especially western. I hope you are enjoying your life and I’ll keep listening and reading these wonderful tales… I GET it:) or am Beginning to understand.
    Suzy Musser

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