March, 2021

The One Tree

The following is an excerpt from Phantammeron Book One by author Mitchell Stokely. The mythological concept of a “Cosmic Tree” or World Tree is a universal archetype shared around the world by many cultures. Over thousands of years, Mankind’s association with Nature has imbibed our experiences and myths with ancient trees. This goes back to […]

The Shadow

Excerpt From Phantammeron Book One by Mitchell Stokely “The Shadow then looked down at Ana with his glowing red eyes, which bulged from his sallow and sunken ebony face. With a sinister grimace, he said, “At last we meet again. Yet joyless it seems. Let it not be like a tragic family reunion, one wrecked […]

The Age of Innocence in the Phantammeron

In Book One of the Phantammeron, chapter 10, there is a scene where the young girl Ana arrives upon a hill riding the unicorn called Phanyan. That fairy tale scene ends in the middle of the Forest of Twilight upon a high hill. She then shields her eyes as she witnesses the spectral beauty of […]