Beauties, Brigands, and Beasties

Dungeons & Dragons in the Phantammeron

The Phantammeron novels have a lot of mythology in them, myth that has been directly inspired from old sources found in England, Ireland, Europe, and the ancient western world. But some of my earliest exposure to western mythology was through a simple little game that came on the scenes in Modern America in the late […]

Maymee and her Toad

In the summer of 2013, I started what I had hoped would be the first of several children’s books related to the Phantammeron. The first of these was a creation I called “Maymee” (or Maeme/Maome in earlier conceptions). This was my first attempt at a small illustrated children’s fantasy book, that tied in with what […]

“Down in the Dungeon”

I loved this article about an old book based on a role-playing game from the late 70’s called Dungeons and Dragons.. The book is an illustrated book called “Down in the Dungeon” by Squadron/Signal Publications: Read the article Love it just as much today as I did 30 years ago when I bought it! It […]