Beauties, Brigands, and Beasties

Our Mythological Connection to Animals

We should not forget, as the world now shrinks and the animals perish around us, the magnificent and powerful connection we have to the animal world, not as pets or as food, but as Myth! For in fairy tales and ancient stories we find something written that shows we once had some deeper bond to […]

The Earth Mother

One of the fascinating discoveries I have made as an amateur cultural sleuth and mythologist is the hidden archetypes of the old Earth Mother – a spirit our ancestors believed in for thousands and thousands of years prior to the advent of Greek, Roman, and Modern European civilizations took root. The Earth Mother in Western […]

The Four Western Heroic Types

As writers and explorers of myth, we should realize that most of what’s been written today originated from much earlier concepts. I’ve been fascinated by the origins of what I call the Indo-European heroic prototype, or ‘hero-journey’ figure. It turns out most of what we have conceived in fantasy and fiction today came from mythological […]