Beauties, Brigands, and Beasties

The Goddess Mari of the Basques

This study is on the mythology of the European Basques. The Basques are a very ancient group of people that live in Northern Spain and southern France. They have their own culture, language, and belief systems. But what makes them so amazing is they are considered Pre-Indo-European, meaning they likely were in Europe when Neanderthals […]

The Welsh Lady of the Lake

Exploring myths of the past you often stumble across strange fairy tales and pieces of things that seem to be relics of a much older mythology. The Welsh tale of the Lady of the Lake is one such myth. One of the things I did years ago is start compiling ancient Celtic stories and symbols […]

Persephone and the Modern Story Arc

In the original Greek Myth, Persephone is the daughter of the Goddess Demeter, and is abducted by the God of Wealth / Underworld, or Hades. In her sadness, Demeter plunges the earth into darkness and death until Hades eventually returns her daughter, Persephone. But Hades demands she return to him each winter. And so, in […]