August, 2020

The Creator in Mythopoeia

One of the wonderful things you get to explore when you write fantasy fiction as mythopoeia is the concept of the Creator or “divine will” in your books. Writing my own mythopoeia, the Phantammeron, taught me so much about the idea of God and what that means to me theologically, not just in fabricating the […]

Dungeons & Dragons in the Phantammeron

The Phantammeron novels have a lot of mythology in them, myth that has been directly inspired from old sources found in England, Ireland, Europe, and the ancient western world. But some of my earliest exposure to western mythology was through a simple little game that came on the scenes in Modern America in the late […]

The Witch-Hazels

The following is an excerpt from Phantammeron Book One by author Mitchell Stokely. Ana saw that the trees appeared to have many strange faces wrapped about their trunks, like that of ancient seers tortured by some unending madness. Bearded and black, with crooked noses and hollow cheeks, the largest trees seemed to bear upon their […]