September, 2020

The Death of the Library

I love old libraries. And Texas certainly has its own set of ancient libraries to explore. Years ago in the 1980’s I spent a lot of time in the Fondren and DeGolyer Libraries at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas researching various histories and events. I remember getting almost forgotten and shut in some nights […]

Mythology in Fiction – The Net of Indra’s Gems

As a writer we are frequently inspired by other authors and philosophers. I have been, as well. But ancient mythology has always been my chief source of inspiration. But there have a been a rare few modern authors that seem to ask me to dig deeper into the world of words and ideas and images. […]

An Ode to H. P. Lovecraft

All fantasy authors owe a piece of their soul to H. P. Lovecraft. Like Stephen King and so many other writers, I have always loved H.P. Lovecraft. I remember in college in the 1980’s stumbling on this books at an old used book store near campus. The Doom that Came to Sarnath was my first […]