July, 2012

The Sacred Gift of Govannon

The following is one excerpt from the gigantic library of stories I am building for the Phantammeron novel. In the tale below, I outline one aspect of the curse of the Argyl-Pyr, or Silver Cauldron that held the cursed waters of the Pool of Eternity. This cursed cauldron held the last of the waters that […]

A Tree Named Mary

On paths my heart has never traveled wandering in the wilderness I found Mary In the speechless forest She is there beside the laughing brook is where among the countless timber I remember fair Mary dwelling Her winded crest her shapely bounds her lovely feet that are wound among the tangled morning glory, beside the […]

Shirt of Shining

I wore a Silver Shirt of Shining brighter than the Sun, of woven hearts and tarnished scales to Golden Realms we set Sail In war it held at bay the point in years it held the Wounded Seams though heart, it broke , my Lover’s stroke, bloodied not, the Hauberk gleamed! When Age broke in […]