October, 2020

The Treasure of Smaug: Tolkien’s Mythological Source

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit we learn that the dragon Smaug has taken the massive wealth of the dwarves….so many gems and coins, the wealth of nations in this world and more. It almost seems unreal to conceive of such a collection. According to the Prose Edda (Vikings) the dwarves were the maggots of the […]

William Blake – Forgotten 18th Century Myth-Maker

William was a largely forgotten and little-known poet in London in the late 1700’s. But we should recognize he too was a mythologist, investing heavily in his own diverse and rich personal mythology that he created from his imagination and rejection of religious and cultural norms. What I have tried to do through my Phantammeron […]

The Naïf in Literature

The world today needs the Naïf more than ever. For thousands of years Western Culture taught us about an aspect of ourselves that could transcend the “failed myths” that no longer served them in the culture. This was done through the Naïf – the naive yet seemingly delusional reality of a simple sort of hero […]