April, 2012

Creation Story Notes for the Phantammeron

The concept of a “Creation Story” is one of the main focuses of the Phantammeron. Early on, when I started down the path of writing the Phantammeron in the 1980’s, I was interested in defining a deeper cosmology of characters and people behind it; a grander story whose structure, mythology, origins, and hidden purpose lay […]

The Lightbender Goblin

The curious little beastie remains an anomalous hominid of a peculiar type not often see in the lands west of the Kelevon lands in Gallaia. In elder days when the world was forged from the hands of Maru’s children, a wild white fire was released among the Children of Shining. This was the Flame of […]

Fey-Bala Loses an Eye

Note: The story below will appear in an upcoming novel in the Phantammeron epic fantasy series. The tale of Fey-Bala will appear in book three (3) of the Phantammeron. As of 2015, only book one (1) of the Phantammeron has been released, and is for sale as an eBook at Amazon Kindle. Books two (2) and three (3) will […]