Love Poem by Bentley Sloane


‘Tis Flood-Tide Time

One night the rivers changed their course;
the tides swept in where marshlands lay.
The floods of love had found their source;
My heart was full, the skies were gay.

The stars burned closer to the earth,
The winds of evening sang to me.
I found her whom my love gave birth,
We touched our lips, our souls were free.

One day the mountains wooed the sky,
The woodlands clapped their leafy hands;
The seed of love was born on high.
A flower grew on barren lands.

One night God’s fingers brushed my brow,
He sent an Angel to be mine;
Her hands, her lips, her soul endow;
Her love and mine bring flood-tide time.


— Love poem written by my Grandfather, Bentley Sloane to his future wife LeDeal Massey in the 1920’s (Louisiana). They are the parents of Suzanne Stokely and Sarah Wilder, grandparents of myself, and great-grandparents of Simon Stokely

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