We Must Mentor Our Young Men

I read today in the news that we have declining numbers of young men in universities. The ratio is as low as 30% men to 70% women in American universities, now. Our young men are turning away from learning, from responsibilities, and even from relationships with women. Why is that, and what is missing here?

I am thrilled that young women have risen up to take charge of their lives and of society. They now dominate the ranks of corporations, universities, and even politics. They are teaching us that our Humanity, our pathos, our emotions. and our families matter, too. They are showing us, across multiple spectrums of society, that people matter in every decision! Humanity is back on every level of society today. And our concern for such things as the climate, the animals, and the poor are climbing back as themes worthy of a solution under the guidance of women.

But men matter, too, in those decisions. You may say it is the dawning of the Age of Women. And it is a great change, one we have all needed. It is a net positive. But without equal partners, educated and working on the same level, women will turn to men that can give them only children, but not love, support, or fatherhood. That was what I read in several news articles today. We will become a nation of single mothers and abandoned children if we continue down this path. I was raised by a single mother, so I know the boon and bane that can come from that. I can relate to the children that grow up without fathers and the psychological trauma that will result for some men and women from not having that security. But I am not demonizing single mothers, nor blaming men for irresponsible behavior here. I am simply saying society is missing something important.

The secret to healing this problem lies not with government, better education, or with women, but with men. Older men. For they hold the secret to wisdom, to riches, to intellect, and to tradecraft for younger men. Mentorship is wholly missing from older men today. This is the reason our young people distrust older people, demonize history, desire to change or flip science, ignore learning, rewrite technology, etc. This “reversing” and “revisioning” of everything intellectual today, and the rejection or rewriting of history and proven science in mass is not real reinvention or about innovating anything new. It is about rebellion and destruction, a direct result of this distrust and disconnect young men have for society and the older generations that have abandoned them.

Older men must now step up and mentor young men. Whatever it is we have to give…..our money, our time, our love and concern must now be given to them freely. We must rise up to meet them at every level of society. We must psychologically protect them, guide them, love them, and honor them. We must not seek to change younger men or control them but simply seek to guide them, to listen, to understand, and then impart our knowledge to them. But more than that, they must be protected as well as honored. They want to be seen as heroes, as changemakers, as valuable, and as in charge in this society of ours. They can be. They should be.

But that cannot be until older men in American of all races step up and fill the hole, the dark void in younger men’s souls. Women cannot give them that. Men must be allowed them to make mistakes, to know its ok to destroy as much as to love, to hate as must as cherish, to fail as much as succeed. They do not yet know how to do that. They are not given that right by women today. Until we teach them this Truth and honor their mistakes, their graft, their crimes, their bigotry as much as their glory and talents, they cannot and will not heal or grow or be Men. Nor will they be men available to society or available for women’s needs. They must be available for their needs first before anything changes. Men must be Men. For no crime is too terrible that it cannot be forgiven in the World of Men. No great sacrifice or act of giving is below appreciation and honor in the World of Men. Such is what forms the masculine.

I end this blog by saying, I too will be there for younger men, if needed in the years ahead. I am here for you now by sharing these articles of wisdom in my writing blog, as pitiful as this rag truly is. But I must tell you, I cherish my own manhood granted to me from my own wounds and battles, won and lost in the game of Life. But these acts meant nothing to me until seen and acknowledged by a few older men who came into my life. It was a powerful thing to know they cared. This is what Manhood is for me. But for me it came much too late in life. And so, I have come to know that I am not wholly male until I reach out and cherish our younger men in this society of ours. Young men are suffering, horribly, from our rejection of them across multiple levels of society and by rejection by older men. America has failed them in 2021. But much now can be done to help them now.

Much love and respect to all our younger men out there. You are the King of Kings in my book. And you deserve so much more.

– the Author

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