Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

The Poetic Edda of Iceland

From the Poetic Edda of Iceland (13th century) Out of Ymir’s flesh was fashioned the earth,And the mountains were made of his bones,The sky from the frost giant’s skull,And the ocean out of his blood of ice. This narrative from the Norse Viking account of the making of the world from the flesh of the […]

The Failure of Mythology in Modern Entertainment

Western society today is using Mythology to alleviate our Modern anxiety over money, marriage, careers, pleasure, and power. But I fear it will never be used again for its spiritual power. And we should all be terrified of the this, as it is a direct reflection of cultural decline and decadence that has been unfolding […]

Author Mitchell Stokely – Book Notes 2

I would like to share with my readers a few secrets from my book, Phantammeron Book One. There is a lot of hidden things I have placed in the book for readers to ponder, many of which lead into events revealed in later books. And its these secrets that make the books so much fun […]