Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

How I Miss Early Edition Dungeons and Dragons

I Love this article….. The dice can kill you: Why first edition AD&D is king – By David Goldfarb Gaming since the 1970’s has changed. It’s become so complicated and focused on realism, power plays, and artifice its lost what made it great….IMAGINATION. The great Englishman Gary Gygax – who helped create the first edition […]

Antipodes in Myth

Western writing is filled with the eternal battle between light and dark, good and evil. The same holds true for our politics, sports, religions, and cultures. As I’ve lectured about on my Mythopoeia video series on YouTube, this battle of opposites originates directly from Northern Hemisphere sun and earth worship, and our ancestors mythic reflections […]

In Defense of Free Speech

The idea of hurtful words having more power than we first thought in 2019 is real and relevant. But it’s important we allow even the vilest of words in Western and non-Western societies around the world. Otherwise we build political machines and societies that become judge and jury against the rights of free speech. We […]