Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

The Delusions of Artificial Intelligence

I love the current debate on AI or artificial intelligence. I’ve listened to the Musk’s and Hawking’s horror stories about a future Skynet world where robots driven by some Mother AI superbrain battles Humanity for power over this Earth and wins. Machines then quickly move into space consuming worlds as they go. Mankind then becomes […]

Why I Dislike Comic Book Movies

(Trigger Warning! Another very biased, stereotyped, uncomfortable opinion!) I’m sorry but I really dislike all the comic book movies created the past 10 years. The central problem with how we write and make comic book movies today is not just that they all feel the same, but that we are all so used to watching […]

The Mythology of the Headless King

Trigger Warning!!!!…..this image and my comments may create discomfort…. Kathy Griffin’s controversial image to me is inappropriate in the public sphere for many reasons. Yet to me it’s also a very common traditional mythological archetype in European/Western culture. The image is disturbing, but not for the violence implied. It’s disturbing for the ancient mythological Western […]