Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

Freewill versus Determinism

This is a question that’s raged for centuries between people of faith and atheists…..are we free (Christians) with freewill as provided to us by a Creator or are we pre-determined (atheists) as the Laws of Physics increasingly predict. We live in a time now where “Realism” driven by this Digital Age has consumed young people […]

Our Warped Galaxy

Scientists recently observed that our galaxy the Milky Way is a warped or bent disk, which they’ve known but not proven for decades. To me this is interesting as Einstein had said that many parts of the Universe and timespace would not be flat but curved. They’ve shown that in fact the Universe as a […]

How I Miss Early Edition Dungeons and Dragons

I Love this article….. The dice can kill you: Why first edition AD&D is king – By David Goldfarb Gaming since the 1970’s has changed. It’s become so complicated and focused on realism, power plays, and artifice its lost what made it great….IMAGINATION. The great Englishman Gary Gygax – who helped create the first edition […]