Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

Free Speech and Social Media

Where do we now stand in terms of Free Speech in the Digital Age? This Free Speech issue in tech, where social media and tech companies are by law allowed to censor, is the most critical issue of our times as it cuts across the most fundamental rights we have as Americans. When you participate […]

Bernie Sander’s Medicaid for All Single Payer System

I hate discussing politics but this is such a huge issue for me, especially since I’ve negotiated the healthcare system with a major illness for so many years. I’ve seen the scams, overpricing, and poor quality of care in America’s healthcare system first hand. I’ve read about the scams and the crooked investors that increasingly […]

Kala : God of Time and Death

In Western culture we have personified the idea of death in myth as the Grim Reaper. But in Hindu and East Asian stories they have a much richer conception. It is why it’s so critical as writers we look beyond our own culture for ways in which other people have used their mind’s imagination and […]