Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

Beowulf’s Secrets

Beowulf has been studied from many angles. But few have seen Beowulf as a critical cultural reference to the ancient European mind and culture that still haunts our Modern Western Culture today. Beowulf has been attributed to original Saxon sources possibly laid down in story in the 6th century. This would make Beowulf a relic […]

Star Wars is Dead

I read a CNN Article today that described a certain “spirituality” in Star Wars. Interesting article, but it struggled to find the true meaning of Star Wars simply because we live in an age where entertainment is very shallow and the movies superficial. A so while the article has some good ideas, it is missing the […]

Why was the new Wonder Woman movie (2017) so Bad?

I finally saw Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman. As part of my focus on Mythology and Modern cultural story telling I will be critiquing fantasy film. Sorry, but this was another horrible comic book film devoid of myth and any emotional connections to characters. Though I like Gadot the actress and the director, the story and […]