Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

SNL and its Metamodern Moment

Who saw the SNL sketch last night?…..a classic Metamodern moment. This sketch making fun of the effect Baby Boomer Trump’s immoral status has had on America is the perfect example of the new Millennial Generation’s rejection of their parent’s Postmodern corrupt world through the use of classic conflicting Metamodern views. Modernism was from 1900-1965 Postmodernism […]

Why was the new Wonder Woman movie (2017) so Bad?

I finally saw Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman. As part of my focus on Mythology and Modern cultural story telling I will be critiquing fantasy film. Sorry, but this was another horrible comic book film devoid of myth and any emotional connections to characters. Though I like Gadot the actress and the director, the story and […]

America’s New Age of Flawed Design

Have you ever bought or used something in the last 5 years that didn’t work? This is common now, more common that ever before. And this article on a fancy new building whose poorly designed roof drops ice isn’t the first. We live in an age of “design flaws” because the current generation in power […]