Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

The New Metamodern Age of Gaming

Metamodern Gaming is here! As one commentor recently noted in Dawn of a new era: why the best video games are not about saving the world in commenting about the fantasy game Horizon Zero Dawn:  “…Aloy is not so much motivated by some grand mission to save humanity, she is motivated by intellectual curiosity.” As we […]

CNN’s Believer Series

I’ve been watching the new CNN series Believer with Reza Aslan. Great show and a fascinating adventure into all the ways Humanity seeks meaning through faith. Tonight they covered the Mexican celebration of Santa Muerte which is the belief in the protective spirit of the Female Queen of Death. This embrace of a female other-worldly […]

The Ancient Origins of Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty and the Beast story goes back 4000 years. Fairy tale origins thousands of years old, researchers say  This is one of the things I’ve been saying now for some time….nothing we create in Western Culture as far as storytelling is that original. We are all rehashing the same themes blindly told by […]