We Share Pieces of One Consciousness

Under idealism, one universal consciousness can become many individual minds. We may now have at our disposal an unprecedented coherent and empirically grounded way of making sense of life, the universe and everything from the point of view of both the individual and the earth as a whole if we can accept such multiple viewpoints.

Eastern Religions have known this. Hippies have been saying this since the 60’s. We are all part of the One Consciousness yet also unique spirits wholly apart from it with free will. What does this mean?

I read an article about how some people with multiple personalities have a brain that is divided up like multiple people. They are physically and psychologically separate people in one body. Basically this fascinating scientific discovery of people with multiple personalities and their proof of universal divided consciousness matches an earlier article I just posted about my novel the Phantammeron and how Ive used the creation myth in the beginning of book one to express my idealized view of God as a transient being of energy who left the Sacred Spirit inside him as pieces of a singular creative force splintered into pieces as separate powers inside his children.

This dual, conflicting view of life and consciousness is a singular point of reference in the philosophical underpinnings of the Phantammeron. In my favorite quote from the book, I describe this philosophical conundrum by saying that each of the Creator’s children would be known to each other by their “gifts”, but only He would know them by their spirit alone.

That idea that we are all part of God and so God-like and individual to each other, yet complete in spirit together forming the one spirit of God, our source, makes perfect sense in explaining not just my mythopoeia’s fictional cosmology but that of our own Life on Earth. Are we not all but joined pieces of a grander whole? Yet does a magic lie in our separate minds, bodies, and talents, wholly apart from the larger society?

That is why I am so fascinated by “universal consciousness” and how people who have “multiple personality syndrome” prove my views; thaf the universe itself matches how our brains can hold multiple people inside them for we are but many parts of a bigger whole. They found these rare people actually store different people in isolated parts of their brain separate from others, meaning they truly contain multiple consciousnesses.

This proves that conscious in not tied to a person, but transposes itself across brains and flesh and animals and matter. We are never truly “whole” people but something raw and unfinished on the Universe. If the human being isnt the repository of a single person or soul its a sign we live in a sea of material consciousness where every blade of grass can sing! Every beast and bird a great potential of sonething like ourselves incomplete and yet on a journey of some strange discovery.

And this “incompleteness of the soul” is something Ive recently felt seeing in the wild flowers dancing to a summer storm or watching birds soar overhead in the thermal winds. Surely each living and even non-living thing has a conscious spirit that like us exists but to dwell in this fractured cosmos as indivuduals, yet which also lives to sing of its whole and join in its mutable and changing song. Some consciousness is not as aware as we are, which must surely mean out there are beings with even higher awareness. We are but dumb brutes to their higher state? But why?

That is what I tried to share in my novel the Phantammeron Book One, Chapter One. There is something about Man’s many expressions of God that incapsulates this idea.

And it is why I am still a devout Christian in America today, believing in the importance of us all empowering and protecting all life on this planet yet loving and forgiving each other of our imperfections. We are designed to help others who are suffering, and to design a Good Society that benefits all of God’s people not just the rich, powerful, and privileged. But we are also designed to celebrate our differences when define our true glory yet wonder at our part of a much more unified, universal whole.

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Created Jun 24, 2018, 11:07 AM

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