December, 2020

Making Myth – A Dove called Hu

In my mytho-poetic novel, the Phantammeron, I have tried to “create myth” using imagery, poetic prose, and abstracted story elements of my Christian and Pagan past to convey to the reader and writers that writing can go beyond our shallow Modern Tropes. As I’ve talked about, writing novels and fantasy stories no longer has to […]

Phantammeron Book One – A Discussion

I have said this many times, but the Phantammeron is essentially a large fairy tale. But in writing this grand epic I also have sought to make the series something more. The first book was intentionally designed to encompass a Creation Myth about the making of my fantasy world and the birth of the first […]

The Dying Future of Story-Telling

I recently posted a comment online asking whether story-telling and novel writing was dead? I think it is fading away, but let me expound… Is Writing Traditional Novels Dead? This is a very good question. I think attention spans have diminished because of the Digital Age. Going forward Humanity will now be deeply dependent on […]