October, 2020

That Which I Should Have Done I Did Not Do

“That Which I Should Have Done I Did Not Do” (or The Door), 1931 – oil painting by Ivan Albright, American, 1897-1983. This is a strange little painting by an America-Russian painter from the early 20th century – Ivan Albright. This was one of my grandfather’s favorite paintings. He was a deeply philosophical and spiritual […]

On Writing Mytho-Poetic Works

It is not necessary for the underlying mythology to be published in its own volume for a work to be mythopoetic in nature. But it is important that the underlying mythology exist, first of all. It should be coherent and accessible. And inasmuch as that mythology exists in a form in accord with its own […]

Why Do We Keep Writing More Urban Dystopia?

“That’s why I have written a dystopian novel. I wanted to examine what is best about humanity and think about what would happen if we let that go, even if it is by accident. Although it may seem like I have written a novel that warns against technology, this is not entirely true. I embrace […]