Shirt of Shining

I wore a Silver Shirt of Shining
brighter than the Sun,
of woven hearts
and tarnished scales
to Golden Realms we set Sail

In war it held at bay the point
in years it held the Wounded Seams
though heart, it broke ,
my Lover’s stroke,
bloodied not, the Hauberk gleamed!

When Age broke in with baying dogs
to take the ancient mail
my Cherished Songs
the Muse I Wronged,
to Blissful Seas our Souls set sail

For Silvered Shirts and Shiny Mail
in Godless lands give Faith,
to Children’s Fanes
come Lordless Thanes
All True hearts bear Lonesome Fates

* I wrote this poem in 1989 as a young man thinking about the meaning of the concept of the poet’s Muse and and how alone I felt in expressing my imagination at the time in my writing.

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