The Lightbender Goblin

The curious little beastie remains an anomalous hominid of a peculiar type not often see in the lands west of the Kelevon lands in Gallaia. In elder days when the world was forged from the hands of Maru’s children, a wild white fire was released among the Children of Shining. This was the Flame of Monadas; a hot prismatic beacon, that was but the heart of ancient Aldaru, the Father of Fire. It was his heart and soul, and a thing of power and presence that he wielded in force to forge the world. From the vast summits of the world he unleashed the fire, yet always it remained his to control. But his daughter, his most beloved, stole it from him through deception and she in turn perished from its power. It then came into the hands of the Evil-One, Fey-Bala, who in turn placed it in his eye, and so destined the world to fiery destruction until Endymann pierced the backward facing bejeweled eye of the God, casting it out in fragments for the world to recover. It is that flame that fell into the bowels of the earth, destroying beast and demon alike until Tobin, the twisted goblin, burned by it, in turn gained power over it. His kind became powerful but in turn waged war over it. Tobin, used it to built the Dragon-kind, evil wyrms of the underworld. But his brothers, became Lightbenders, and turned the light toward more benevolent creations.

Lightbender Goblin

The Lightbender is a tiny goblin, short in stature, somewhat shriveled with greenish-amber skin, that glows in the dark. They walk the earth as loners, being many thousands of years old, having gained near immortality from the light-fire they control. As such they can travel by light, as though through a twisted glass, distorting time and space. It is said they appear both forward and backwards in time, and are driven by the Monadas Flame and its fate. That fate is a hidden destiny for the world which Aldaru alone knew, but like Maru and Lyrlu, could not control due to the dark powers of Fey-Bala, the father of all Light. As such, the Lightbenders place special powers in magical objects at junctures in the underworld and peaks and dark forests of the world, which only those destined to find them may wield – some for good, some for darker purposes. It is these little men who the Fey fear most for they have little understanding of the wisdom and powers behind these time travelers that ride the sacred flame of the world in secret.

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