Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

What is the Phantammeron Really About?

What is the Phantammeron Really About? Some of you might be wondering about the “purpose” of the Phantammeron fantasy novel series beyond the mysterious pool that it claims drives the main plot. So I thought I would reveal a few more secrets about the books to you, the reader. The original conception or origin behind […]

Freewill versus Determinism

This is a question that’s raged for centuries between people of faith and atheists…..are we free (Christians) with freewill as provided to us by a Creator or are we pre-determined (atheists) as the Laws of Physics increasingly predict. We live in a time now where “Realism” driven by this Digital Age has consumed young people […]

Antipodes in Myth

Western writing is filled with the eternal battle between light and dark, good and evil. The same holds true for our politics, sports, religions, and cultures. As I’ve lectured about on my Mythopoeia video series on YouTube, this battle of opposites originates directly from Northern Hemisphere sun and earth worship, and our ancestors mythic reflections […]