Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

The Avengers Infinity War Movie Mirrors Our Shallow Empty Modern Culture

I finally saw Avengers Infinity War and found it very disappointing. It seems to be yet another installment of the same failed Modern Comic Book Trope we’ve seen evolve the past 15 years where good looks, sex appeal, power, and privilege win the day. But this movie seems to carry an additional, terribly disastrous allegorical […]

What is the Phantammeron Really About?

What is the Phantammeron Really About? Some of you might be wondering about the “purpose” of the Phantammeron fantasy novel series beyond the mysterious pool that it claims drives the main plot. So I thought I would reveal a few more secrets about the books to you, the reader. The original conception or origin behind […]

The Disturbing Reasons We Watch Game of Thrones and Comic Book Movies Today

There is something important about our global culture today that we increasingly embrace very dark, violent, conflict based movies and series that seem stripped of myth and emotion beyond the theme of a privileged white elite that must fight against an encroaching evil. It’s not what hides in comic book super powers, villains, or Game […]