Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

The Story of Ana in the Phammeron

In writing the main characters for Book One of the Phantammeron, I had chosen a young girl named Ana to be the central protagonist. She had always been the girl that would come to represent the main theme in the early books, as well as the archetype of Water and the source of the magical […]

The Trickster in Modern Culture

The Joker, the King’s Court Jester, Bugs Bunny, Loki in Viking Myth, the Native American Coyote, the Greek’s Prometheus, Forest Gump, and Sherlock Holmes are all Tricksters. But what is the Trickster, and why do Modern authors and filmmakers continue to blindly fill our entertainment with versions of the Trickster, while not knowing what or […]

The Screaming of the Trees

The Use of Nature in Books The celebration of Nature in books today has diminished since the days of Thoreau and Wordsworth. But I have decided to make the natural world one of the central themes in all my novels. From the beginning I decided that fantasy needed to be reborn within the grandeur of […]