Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

The Myth of the Confederate Statue

I’m 100% in favor of removing Confederate statues. Both my distant grandfathers fought for the Confederacy, but they were wrong. We do not have to follow the myth of the confederate hero and the sad statues that represent them and they’d failed causes. We do not have to believe what our forefathers believed in and […]

Who are the True Innovators in Society?

I want to share a small bit of wisdom I found in an article and study I read some years ago. The article was by Adam Grant called “How to Raise a Creative Child”, and explained something quite profound about the nature of who the creators and innovators truly are in our society. I soon […]

What is Phantaia?

Many of my readers may wonder about Phantammeron Book One (2015), and the meaning of the story portrayed in the book. Even though the first book was a Creation Story, a large part of the meaning behind the novel and the overall series lies in the twilight forest called Phantaia. A major motivation for writing […]