Tangled Roots and Broken Branches

The Western World’s Infectious and Destructive Materialism

The Western World since World War II has been on a course to replace its once noble spiritual culture with Corporate Mythology and Materialism. The sad price we have paid in employing all our people has been that of valuing and owning “stuff”. And in so doing we have chopped down rainforests, slain all the […]

Maybe It is Time for A New America

The America we have today in 2018 is booming economically, but morally bankrupt. Something greedy has taken hold of this country. And the noble, humble, and inspired Americans I remember 40 years ago are not the same citizens I see around me today. Something immoral has taken over America. Something tied to Greed has consumed […]

Star Wars is Dead

I read a CNN Article today that described a certain “spirituality” in Star Wars. Interesting article, but it struggled to find the true meaning of Star Wars simply because we live in an age where entertainment is very shallow and the movies superficial. A so while the article has some good ideas, it is missing the […]