The Great Mother

The following is some sample writing from Phantammeron Book Two by author Mitchell Stokely.

“The Great Mother whose spirit dwells far beyond this world looked down through the wasteful depths and viewed those ocean-pearls as upon a sky filled with many twinkling stars, reading in them many signs, knowing by those tears the time of An’s own tragic part in the great play of the world was near. For to her a precious daughter would soon me born from whom this second tragic tale would soon begin.

For the spirit of the Great Mother – she whose celestial seas fill the outer spaces between this world and all others – had heard that child’s mourning from afar in a place beyond her own cosmic star, having bathed in the tears of the world long before its making. For like the Dreaming Seas that beautiful mother had borne her tragic and mournful waves upon sleepy tides born of heartbreak and woe of and for the world many times before.

From that compassionate spirit had come many previous worlds’ tragic births and deaths, and the endless fashioning of new worlds whose cyclings have no beginning nor end. For she had borne all their tragic tides, this mother of the weeping oceans that yet sweeps all sorrows away. Out of her, the womb of the world, much had been birthed that was then returned to dream’s own timelessness, countless worlds yet reborn from ever-hopeful visions still unfashioned and unfulfilled.

Unconscious to all things, the Great Mother in her sleep had seen the unseen, bearing witness to all-time in but a single timeless glance. But blinded by the bliss of her own existence was she free from both the joy and sorrow of the living and of life’s burning passions. Yet at the calling of this world’s deep sorrows had she now returned, flowing forth from the Sea of Eternity to guide this daughter-of-the-seas now trapped in endless sorrow like her, soothing that sleeping maiden in her time of need. The Great Mother then bestowed upon the slumbering An a gift beyond prophetic sight, granting to her power over the fates of those born of flesh in this world.

Like a dream within a dream, from the first mother to the second, thus was granted the will to fashion a timeless tapestry – a Loom of Fate – upon which she would ever weave the countless lives she had seen, wrapping its clothe about the waking world.

And so, in this sacred time and place of new beginnings would the Phantammeron and its second tale now be revealed in all its faded glory as the Creator had envisioned it should be long ago. So begins the second Anakra, the Dreamtime of the Mothers Three, who now all slept in silent pools and seas, dreaming as one in the wide sweeping and weeping waste of eternity. For those sleeping Mothers Three all saw as one what would befall Phantaia’s many children yet to come.”

– the Author

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