Phantaia Awakens

“The trees of Phantaia had awakened once more within the humid night that now embraced them. Mighty trees of beech and elm, oak and alder, stood lithe and erect within the shadowed heights, full in figure and foliage dense with leaves and limbs stretched and open to the skies.

The One Tree of Phantaia

Wrapped by the Shade’s eternal night, Phantaia’s emerald leaves yet shimmered in the faded light of the moistened air. Their thick trunks and boughs, smooth and glossy, were yet parti-colored, glistening in the gloom with the gray and purple stain of the strange clouds that curled about them.

For with the fall of night a phantom mist had returned to haunt Phantaia’s many winding paths as it had in ages past. The Doors of Evening had opened again within the forest depths, releasing the purple dragon-mists of Nemedd’s twilit realm upon that wooded world. Its meandering cloud then flowed forth from that ghostly gate, wrapping its ghoulish fog around their giant trunks, casting its ghostly glow upon the bark and boughs of the ancient trees.

Its eerie light had thrown back the Veils of Night that once blanked that savage wilderness. For the uneasy marriage of shadow and sun had been enjoined within its meandering mists, wed as one but to birth the fog that now danced and pranced between Phantaia’s leafy limbs. That vast wood then become a dimly lit realm trapped in the morose mists and somber moods of evening’s rich lavender, its towering trees all glistening in the night with the incandescent glow of that preternatural undying dew.

Twilight-time would come to claim dominion over Phantaia ever after, never departing, coloring its every glade and stream with its eerie purple hue. The Forest of Twilight would remain bathed in that haunted mist, trapped within a world of perpetual gloom, lost between the dying day and the dawn of night, bound to a timeless state, half-awake yet still slumbering, enraptured by the ever-waking dreams of the cursed mists that now engulfed it.

– the Author

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