August, 2020

Author Mitchell Stokely – Book Notes 1

As I completed my first novel in the fall of 2015, Phantammeron Book One, I saw that the story bad begun to write itself. It’s odd how often that has worked, at times. But as I filled in the missing elements, there were a few ideas that seemed to say something meaningful beyond the book. […]

The Philosophy of the Spirit Divine in the Phantammeron

The Phantammeron Novels follows the tradition of mythopoeia set down by J.R.R. Tolkien when his son Christopher finally compiled the Silmarillion in 1977. In that single work, Tolkien finally revealed his original intentions; that of using fiction to express a deeper, internal spiritual framework for his religious beliefs through story telling. When I started my […]

The Eternal Feminine in Western Culture

In my Youtube lectures on Mythopoeia I cover the secret meaning of Christmas and Western holidays. In that lecture I make the case that Christmas celebrations (and the Birth of Christ) is not just an ancient relic of European and Celtic celebration surrounding the Winter Solstice and the changing seasons, but also a period of […]