May, 2012

Giant Illustrations #1

Some illustrations for Giants in the Phantammeron novel…

The Poisoned Love

Poisoned Love is a type of “love story” I am especially interested in. It’s found quite often in tragedy, and has been used over and over again in story-telling throughout the ages. It takes many forms and has been spun off in various ways in all kinds of books and film. In the Phantammeron, the […]

Mythopoesis : The Art of Myth-Making

In creating the stories for the Phantammeron, I have been intensely focused on building a monstrously complex and detailed mythology for the book. The term used here is Mythopoesis (“myth-making”).  From the beginning, I have been fascinated by the idea of artificial imaginary worlds, and assembling gigantic psuedo-historical backgrounds for them and the characters that […]