The Secret Origins Of Christmas

At the end of every year I post my YouTube lecture on Christmas.

These views of Western holidays I have held for many years still haunt me; that Western culture is still caught in its annual and very primitive celebration of the Sun and the Earth Mother and their yearly cycle, such that ALL our symbols, sports, products, and relationships are still driven by their hidden powers.

That our ancient ancestors celebrated the death of the Sun on the Winters Solstice is proven, yet few still accept its Modern influence. It slipped into Christianity 2000 years ago and still dominates our emotional connection to Christmas Day today. It thrives still, way beyond the life of Christ and his birth placed, on this day based on a decision by a Roman lord 1700 years ago.

What we must accept as Human Beings, if we are to survive, is realize who we are, who our ancestors were, and our mythological connection to the Earth and Nature…..not just physically but psychologically. Our brains didn’t just summon up Christmas Day out of the ether. It’s been celebrated for thousands and thousands of years by our ancestors in England, Ireland, and Northern Europe. It’s in our blood. It’s in our DNA. All our movies and books in America repeat this same exact cycle in story. In fact, I would bet 90% of every story ever told the past 200 years is the exact same love triangle or redemption tale we celebrate on holidays like Christmas. Christ’s life and death story is the exact same story cycle. And it’s some pattern of life Western Americans have yet to escape in how they view life itself; the cycle of birth, death, and resurrection that is the sad story of Christmas each year.

What I hope my YouTube lectures do is shake the foundation of Modern Story Tellers so they not just see through transparently what they blindly create over and over, but revisit the Earth Mother and her child the Sun in story with fresh eyes. That’s the key! For if Western Culture is to survive and thrive and keep its powerful impact in the world with beauty and insight, it must first understand what it’s based on and its deep connection to the primitive celebration of the Sun and his mother the eternal Earth Mother.

– Author Mitchell Stokely, 2020

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