Our Mythological Connection to Animals

We should not forget, as the world now shrinks and the animals perish around us, the magnificent and powerful connection we have to the animal world, not as pets or as food, but as Myth!

For in fairy tales and ancient stories we find something written that shows we once had some deeper bond to animals and to Nature; that animals are actually part of us, part of our own psychology and identity. For example, in ancient Gaul the Goddess Epona was associated with horses, and her identity was as a mare that gave birth to the quintessential tribal hero. In Modern Society women are subliminally still portrayed in movies and media as having these connections to horses, as men are connected to the powerful male symbol of the stag, or Wild man of the Woods, as Cornunos.

But we have divorced ourselves from these myths and symbols, and the spiritual connection we had has been dissolved, letting the current Age of realism in story-telling disconnect us from the emotional and primitive brain that once bound us to animals and to the earth. For our identity is still bound to animals and our religions, and relics of ancient rituals still show us signs that the animal myths in our culture are still there, just fading away more quickly due to corporate and consumerist myths that now drown us in product mythology.

The key to being a great writer, an original writer and artist, will be in your seeking of Truth in ancient pagan texts and tomes, and the research of fairy tale and your ancestors in the country you came from. For the treasures still await, and the mind is still attuned to Nature and the animal myths of your culture. You just have to work on exploring and yet tuning out Modern movies and stories which are increasingly devoid of any meaningful myths.

Reconnecting with the old stories you may find a piece of you is stirred, just a little, as if remembering some old friend or childhood memory. But it simply your brain reconnecting to itself as animal and as primitive being, the wild woman or man in you that your animal mythology triggers. Such is the power of the deep subconscious mind and its symbols that lie far beyond the touch of any science if you but seek it out.

– the Author

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