Interracial Love in the Phantammeron

One of the secrets in the Phantammeron is the belief in the love between two races and their final reunion. I conceived of this years ago long before the current protests and views began to change in 2020.

I promised myself I would withhold many secrets in my books. But because my personal views of race are clearly shown in Book One of my Phantammeron series, I felt maybe I might help you understand what one of its hidden themes might suggest.

I have always felt strongly about race relations and in ending racism in America. There’s a big part of my family that is free of it. I rejected the hatred of others in any form long ago but especially against African Americans after seeing many injustices as a young white child growing up in southern America. And so I decided long ago as part of my fantasy novels there would be hidden in them my personal views of race in America, long before it was hip, as it is now. And so in the Phantammeron are my views against racism and of unification and love between two races expressed, which then became one part of the books vast cosmology.

In Phantammeron Book One (2015), if you read the chapter, “The Sacred Pool”, there’s many secrets revealed about race there. In that chapter Ana finally discovers another pool in the depths of the forest of Phantaia – the Black Pool. There she discovers the truth about the world and why it was made from the Nothingness. As Ana flees the pool, she is called back to it by a dark figure or queen shown in the pools reflections. She is then shown an image.

Ana saw a dark woman dressed in black satin, standing beside a pale young man whose hair shined like gold. Before them lay a shining fountain of shadowed waters. And above then a white tree, free of shade, unspoiled, and pristine. But upon the young woman’s hand lay a dark ring in which shone the lavender colors of twilight.

What could this mean? I’ll give you a hint: It is about reconciliation and the joining of opposites (light and dark), and about the beauty of love between races in this world, of the power of interracial love to heal nations, and the belief that ultimately in this world we can all be as one and finally be equal.
It’s always been my desire to put something in my writing about race relations. And so there you have it!

But what these figures are in terms of the book’s story you will have to find out at the end of the series. That’s a mystery I can’t quite share with you. But maybe that causes you to reread Book One as a I’ve dropped lots of secret symbols and meaning in my books that will come about in future novels.

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