The Goddess, Ederna

Phantammeron Art #30

(The following is a later character that will appear in the words to be born in Anatar – after Book 4 of the Phantammeron) In the Phantammeron, Ederna, was the evil daughter of Estern, who was born of Monadas, the white Flame who betrayed her own father, the Fire Lord Rashu. I have decided to post an illustration of her, which I did today, playing with the idea of an underworld woman of long raven-black hair. She dwelt in the deep reaches of Shadowland in the World of Adda. Her curse is that of her mothers greed, which she inherited. She aligned with Fey-Bala the fallen Lord of Light, and she served him and was his lover.

Under Bala’s pressure, the wizards of the West (a Mageamarû), gave her a magic spell, which enabled her take the form of a beautiful woman. She then flew with her wings of webbed jet, as a monstrous bat from the depth of the underworld, and flew seeking her hero. With her spell, she then took the guise of Adína. Her hero, Evyrnlas, was temped by her appearance as the beautiful girl known to many for her long ebony tresses. Under Ederna’s spell,  he was tempted by Ederna’s evils, and slept with her one night and felt her vampires poisonous bite. So, she killed the noble Evyrnlas, and stole his silver helm, born of  Monû’s Wind folk, a treasure giving its wearer news by word of the winds of one’s approaching enemy. Serving the evil Bala, she flew triumphantly back to Esteria and gave the prize to him. And that helped change the tide of war in the battle for Adda.


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