New beginnings…

“What the heart hungers for, the tongue talks of” – Charles J. Finger

Welcome to my little website! Maybe its boringly simple….but I like “simple”. And I need simple, because things are going to get very complex on here, real soon.

I have decided to write a book. And I am hoping to start a writing career. To be honest, I am not a writer and am just starting to learn the craft. So, you can imagine, writing a book and learning to write means I have quite a struggle in front of me. And its going to go on for awhile….so pull up a seat, rest your feet, and let me share my story with you. I promise to keep you entertained in some form. And I do have an interesting story to tell, as far as the book is concerned. At least, I think I do. Time will tell, right?

You may be wondering what this web site is really about? This website is about my fantasy novel/project I call The Phantammeron. That is actually the name of the book(s) I intend to write and publish, at some point in my life. Because its taken me 25 years to get to this point, I am filled with doubt. The Phantammeron is really a long, trailing story with many parts of players, and should take me some years to complete. But, I do intend to share my experience writing the actual book with you, my readers, through this new experimental website. (I would like to thank the creators of WordPress first of all, for creating this wonderful website template and web logging software that makes this whole sharing process so easy!). That is what this website is all about.

So, what is this Phantammeron book about, you might ask? Well…….the word Phantammeron (in the book) simply means “Book of the Forest”. It is basically, like I said, a large “fantasy” novel about a giant world of deities and creatures that are born into a world cursed by an ancient relic created by a forbidden love. The story has many complex beginnings, as well as numerous twists and turns. It also involves a “creation story”, a Fall, and a deep world history spanning a great period of time. The main plot involves a world created by the Gods in order to save their people from certain death caused by the earlier curse. In the new world that’s created by them, they fall victim again to the curse that’s inflicted on them. Their turmoil, wars, loves and fates are outlined in detail in all the books and ultimately involve their personal resolve to solve the ancient conflict that dooms them and the world they are bound to.

This book project is really quite a project for me, to be honest……for starters, I have a large number of very thick notebooks filled with characters and plots and story lines that I am processing and organizing into manuscript form. I also have piles of poetry, languages/lexicons, artwork, and gigantic collections of family trees that I am deciphering and entering into the computer. The stories themselves are very complicated and hundreds if not thousands of plots and subplots exist that tie all the characters into the much larger and grander theme for the Phantammeron. So, I have a lot of work to do and quite a bit of organization before me. For this reason, I have decided to create this website, so I can direct some of the pressure and confusion associated with the project to an objective audience who can help me (i.e. you). So, as I write the book, I will also be revealing snippets of things online to share with you over time. I hope you enjoy the things I share and you will offer up some advice, those of you who are real writers. Again, with this website, I hope to turn it into a serious web writing project hat assists me with the book project, getting feedback from other writers and interested readers online that help me, as I move forward.

At this point, the Phantammeron is just what it pretends to be….a dream within a dream, as it is just as much about my attempt at being a writer as it is writing the book. Through this website, you have the opportunity to witness that “personal struggle”, but also, get the chance to read the Phantammeron online as it unfolds and evolves. In the coming months, I hope to reveal more about the Phantammeron, including its history, creatures, stories, worlds, and characters. The world of the Phantammeron is very large and the story line runs deep. Having you here with me as a reader (and a critic) makes it all worth it, however.

So, I do hope you will return to my little website from time to time. I will be posted concepts, stories, character development, and different articles about the book as it grows.

Thanks for Visiting!

– The Author

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