Phantaian Poetry

Love Poem by Bentley Sloane

  ‘Tis Flood-Tide Time One night the rivers changed their course; the tides swept in where marshlands lay. The floods of love had found their source; My heart was full, the skies were gay. The stars burned closer to the earth, The winds of evening sang to me. I found her whom my love gave […]

More Phantaian Poetry

I have posted several pieces of my poetry in the website this year. Most of them, like this one, were written around 1989-1992, and represent a time in my youth when I was exploring a connection between my feelings about the wild woods in Louisiana, and the Phantammeron book. The meaning is directly tied to […]

A Tree Named Mary

On paths my heart has never traveled wandering in the wilderness I found Mary In the speechless forest She is there beside the laughing brook is where among the countless timber I remember fair Mary dwelling Her winded crest her shapely bounds her lovely feet that are wound among the tangled morning glory, beside the […]