Leftovers and Sour Mash

In Search of the Earth Mother : Norse Gods Frigga and Baldur

In the 13th century an Icelandic poetic wrote down the last relics of an ancient Viking culture, the Prose Eddas. From these and other ancient manuscripts have come many treasures of Western culture and pre-Christian mythology. One of the fascinating discoveries I have made as an amateur cultural sleuth and mythologist is the hidden archetypes […]

Phantammeron Book One – Two Sample Chapters

I am posting the first two chapters of my new epic fantasy book, Phantammeron Book One, below: Chapter 1 – The Essence Eternal There was nothing in the beginning. No darkness or light. For the black Wings of Night had yet embraced the starless Heavens. Only a silent fog floated upon the ruin and waste […]

New beginnings…

“What the heart hungers for, the tongue talks of” – Charles J. Finger Welcome to my little website! Maybe its boringly simple….but I like “simple”. And I need simple, because things are going to get very complex on here, real soon. I have decided to write a book. And I am hoping to start a […]