Leftovers and Sour Mash

The Value of Creativity

My son loves to draw….he doesn’t just draw a few hours a week he draws for hours everyday. That’s been going on consistently the past 7 years now. He draws things from movies, stories in books, ideas from websites and games, and from his imagination. It’s the most amazing thing and I love this in […]

Using Old World Religious Symbols in Modern Story Telling

There are some interesting debates in my Facebook writers groups today. The debate surrounds the use of “demons” and “devils” in fantasy fiction, and writing protagonists that are demonic yet who seek to be human, find love, etc. as humans. This whole idea had me thinking about why we still write about such mythological beings. […]

In Search of the Earth Mother : Norse Gods Frigga and Baldur

In the 13th century an Icelandic poetic wrote down the last religious relics of an ancient Viking culture, the Prose Eddas. From these and other ancient manuscripts have come many treasures of Western culture and pre-Christian mythology. The story of Frigga and Baldur comes from it. One of the fascinating discoveries I have made as […]