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What is Freedom of Speech in America?

I was reading this wiki on Free Speech in America – which isn’t the end-all discussion of what free speech is. I’d read that your freedom of speech under say a corporation or corporate site isn’t fully protected (as I guess it falls under some limited commerce protection). For example, Facebook has the right to […]

Spiritual Electronic Music From the 1970’s

I’m sharing my youtube playlist of early electronic music (1970-1978) starting with Tangerine Dream’s first experimental album in 1970, moving through Popol Vu, Cluster, and Klaus Schulze’s beautiful compositions in the middle to late 1970’s. Most of this is Berlin School or Spacerock. All of this music formed the foundation for the massive electronic music […]

Binary to Decimal to Hexadecimal : Number Mysteries Revealed

I am a published author and I love writing! My first novel is called “Phantammeron Book One”. And I’ve been a visual artist and painter. So I am very much a creative right-brain person. But I am also one of those strange people that has a very strong “left brain”, and have enjoyed being a very […]