I was Darkly Dreaming

Wacky Pack Trading Cards and the 1970’s

In the crazy, lazy summer days of the free and uncontrolled early 1970’s we ate a lot of candy as kids. It was part of the fun in the 1970’s to work odd jobs or do chores then go to the dime store with our money and buy sweets. Candy from the early 70’s displayed […]

Living in the Age of Metamodernism

According to experts, we are now (in 2017) living in what many now call a Metamodern Age. It is a new cultural movement that has arrived on the scene in America. It’s meaning and purpose lies beyond the Modern Age of the early 20th century – where people naively believed in a hope-filled future embraced by […]

Why are all the Star Wars Movies Bad but the First One?

“‘Rogue One’ looks like ‘Star Wars,’ but it really isn’t.” This quote is one of many now reflecting the disappointment and sadness over yet another BAD STAR WARS movie! But many of the critics who despise the last 5 Star Wars movies and multiple reboots miss the bigger cause for the slow demise of Star Wars […]