I was Darkly Dreaming

The End of the Violent Age of Postmodernism

The violent and troubled age we know as Postmodernism (1965-2015) in the United States is now over. We have all felt this change around us in many ways. A gentler, more introspective and cautious society seems to have arrived. And in the past decade alone, crime and drug rates have radically declined. Don’t believe me? Take […]

The Mythology of Risk

As part of my exploration of the “Myth of the Mind”, of the myths in history, of cultural and comparative mythology, and the exploration of the rich mythopoeian psychological stories hidden in the unconscious Self, I want to talk about the Mythology of Risk in business, in social situations, and money-making enterprises. Because in this […]

Wacky Pack Trading Cards and the 1970’s

In the crazy, lazy summer days of the free and uncontrolled early 1970’s we ate a lot of candy as kids. It was part of the fun in the 1970’s to work odd jobs or do chores then go to the dime store with our money and buy sweets. Candy from the early 70’s displayed […]